Paprika Studios is a leading content production house, the only one in the CEE region that is present in 10 countries. We produce TV shows in all genres including drama, shiny floor entertainment and reality as well as digital and branded content for a variety of clients.

RTL Hungary is one of the leading commercial television broadcaster in Hungary and participant of the Hungarian television market and film production. RTL Hungary is part of RTL Group, Europe’s leading entertainment network which is present in several countries all over the world and engaged in the production of well-known television programmes such as talent shows, contests, films and series.

Paprika Studios and RTL Hungary are aiming to evolve in high quality television series content production – to achieve that, we want to discover aspiring talents in the CEE region and offer them a chance to realize their unique ideas, thus bringing more original projects and fresh content into production.

We are seeking the next great idea for television series – without any genre restrictions.

8 selected projects will be judged by a jury at the Pitch Forum Event, which will take place in Budapest, 25-28 June 2018. The jury will consist of five (5) members and will be comprised of prominent representatives of culture, film theory, as well as filmmakers. The selected finalists will get the chance to participate at a pitch training prior to the Pitch Forum Event.

Guidelines, Submission Format

The concept should be developed for an hour long (40-50 min/episode) series consisting of 6-10 episodes/season.
Country of origin: primarily CEE countries but submissions from all over the world are welcome.
All submission documents are required in PDF format and should be uploaded in ONE pdf file conatining all required documents.
Electronic submissions only via Filmfreeway.
Submission shall be in English.
Concepts have not been exhibited on the Internet/ VOD.

The following materials must be submitted via Filmfreeway:

2 pages long synopsis for the series.
Treatment for the pilot episode.
One completed scene from the pilot episode in standard screenplay format.
CV of applicant.
Declaration of non-infringement (the project will not infringe the intellectual property rights, copyrights, moral rights, patent, trademark or other rights of any third party).

The main prizes in the competition will be:

- 10.000 € cash award for writing; and
- 110.000 € in kind support for production of the pilot episode. The pilot episode of the winning project will be developed and produced by Paprika Studios. RTL Hungary will broadcast the episode on one of its channels.

1. Paprika Studios – RTL Hungary TV Pitch Forum is open to applicants from the Central and Eastern European region as well as from all over the world. The competition is open to everybody, for professionals and amateurs also.

2. Full right and authority to enter into this Agreement. In order for Paprika Studios and RTL Hungary to accept your submission you must assure that you have the right to enter this contest and would be in a position to grant Paprika Studios and RTL Hungary the following rights and shall warrants for the followings:

- The applicant shall grant exclusive option for Paprika Studios and RTL Hungary for the period of 6 months starting from the submission of the materials by the applicant all rights in any and all media, now known and hereafter devised (including without limitation all copyrights therein) in and to the submitted materials and all elements thereof.

- The winner grants Paprika Studios and RTL Hungary the exclusive rights to develop, produce the series based on the project and also grant exclusive rights to broadcast the series in all media for undefined period. It will have secured all the above rights. The applicants shall represent and warrant that he is at least 18 years old (or the age of majority where you reside, whichever is older), can form a legally binding contract by accepting an agreement online (without exchange of paper), and have the full right, power and authority to enter into and comply with agreement.

- The project entered has not been sold and is not under option at the time of entry.

- In case of submission the applicant represents and warrants that he is legally entitled to do so because he is the sole author or creator of the submission (he is contributing documents that he have written completely on his own).

- The applicant shall represent and warrant for the chain of title for all rights in and to the submitted materials and all elements thereof.

- The applicant shall accept that no projects may be withdrawn from the Pitch Forum after its selection.