FilmFreeway Gold for Submitters

What is FilmFreeway Gold?
FilmFreeway Gold is a premium service that allows FilmFreeway Gold members to receive special discounted pricing to hundreds of verified Gold festivals and more.

FilmFreeway Gold members receive:

- 10% to 50% off entries to all Gold festivals

- Free Submission Protection for all entries to all festivals

- 50% off all FilmFreeway Marketing Services

- No Service Fees on submissions

How Does FilmFreeway Gold Work?
With FilmFreeway Gold, the more you submit, the more you save.

There are never any limits or confusing credit systems that deplete as you use them.

Simply put, there is absolutely no limit to how much money you can save with FilmFreeway Gold.

How do I upgrade to FilmFreeway Gold?
It's easy to upgrade to Gold! Just click “FilmFreeway Gold” on your Dashboard to upgrade.

Once you upgrade, you can immediately take advantage of your exclusive members-only discounted pricing.

Can I downgrade or cancel?
Absolutely. When you're done using FilmFreeway Gold, you can cancel your membership anytime with just 1 click.

To cancel, just go to Account Settings > FilmFreeway Gold.

How much does it cost?
FilmFreeway Gold is offered at a flat monthly or discounted yearly rate. You have the option of choosing either $12.99/month or $99/year.

How much can I save?
There is literally no limit to how much you can save with FilmFreeway Gold. For example, let's imagine that you spend $500 in submissions in 1 month using FilmFreeway Gold. At a 25% discount, you would save $125 at a cost of only $12.99!

FilmFreeway Gold is an absolute no brainer for anyone that plans on submitting to multiple events.

Upgrade to Gold and Start Saving Now

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