FilmFreeway Gold for Festivals

What is FilmFreeway Gold?
FilmFreeway Gold is an upgraded version of FilmFreeway where festivals and filmmakers share in mutual benefits.

FilmFreeway Gold is entirely optional and allows only Gold member submitters to receive discounted pricing on submissions to verified Gold festivals.

Festivals have complete control over the discounts offered to Gold member submitters, which you can edit, update or cancel anytime.

There are absolutely no fees for festivals to upgrade to Gold.

How does FilmFreeway Gold work?
Let’s imagine that 10% of FilmFreeway submitters are FilmFreeway Gold members. Only those 10% of submitters are eligible to receive your Gold submission pricing. The remaining 90% must pay your standard submission pricing.

Think of Gold as a new pricing tier. For example, for Short Film entries, you might offer the following pricing:

Standard: $30
Gold Members: $25
Student: $20

In other words, you are offering a small sub-set of FilmFreeway submitters discounted pricing on submissions in exchange for an entire suite of powerful festival benefits.

Plus, you are always in complete control of your Gold pricing, which you can edit, update or cancel anytime.

How do I upgrade my festival to FilmFreeway Gold?
You can upgrade to Gold for free with just a few clicks! Simply select a discount percentage for only your FilmFreeway Gold submitters (minimum 10%) and you’re done!

Festivals have complete control of the discount percentage offered to Gold member submitters, which you can edit, update or cancel anytime.

After upgrading, your festival will immediately enjoy our entire suite of FilmFreeway Gold festival benefits.

What are the FilmFreeway Gold festival benefits?
When you upgrade to Gold, your festival will enjoy an entire suite of powerful festival benefits including:

Increased Submissions
Gold festivals receive an average of 15% more submissions than standard festivals.

Enhanced Visibility on FilmFreeway
Your festival will enjoy enhanced visibility within the FilmFreeway ecosystem. In addition, we actively promote Gold festivals in our advertising and on social media.

Gold Curated Section
Your festival will appear in a special FilmFreeway Gold highlighted section near the top of our Browse Festivals page.

Gold Badge on Festival Listing
Your festival listing page will display the official FilmFreeway Gold badge that Gold submitters look for.

Gold Badge on Festival Tile
Standout on our Browse Festivals page and in search results with a special Gold badge on your festival tile.

Discounted Pricing on Marketing Services
Receive 30% off all FilmFreeway Marketing Services.

Sell Tickets for Free
Eliminate all FilmFreeway fees on ticket sales. Pay only credit card processing costs (3% + $0.30 cents.)

$50 Free Marketing Credit
Receive a $50 free marketing credit to be used toward any FilmFreeway marketing services when you upgrade to Gold.

Preferred Placement in Weekly Newsletter
Gold festivals enjoy prominent preferred placement within our “This Week on FilmFreeway” weekly newsletter which is sent to our entire user-base of more than half a million submitters each week.

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