How do I change Judging Status or Submission Status for multiple submissions at once?

Our 'Bulk Actions' tool will allow you to easily change the Judging Status, Submission Status, Assign to Judges, or add Flags to multiple submissions at once.

1. Go to the 'Submissions' page in the main menu.

2. Click 'Show All Submissions', or use a filter to display only the submissions you wish to view. A submissions table displaying your submissions will appear.

3. Use the 'Show' tool near the top right of the submissions table to display the relevant submissions on a single page.

4. Click the checkbox in the top row of the submissions table to select all submissions, or click only the checkboxes next to the submissions you wish to update.

5. Lastly, click the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown menu near the top left of the submissions table and select the change you wish to perform. This will update all selected submissions accordingly.

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