When will I find out if my submission is Selected by a festival?

Once you have uploaded or linked your project file to your FilmFreeway project, anytime you submit to a festival your submission is automatically placed 'In Consideration'. This means the festival promises to review your work for possible inclusion in the event as an Official Selection or award candidate.

In the listing page of every festival on FilmFreeway, you can find the festival’s 'Notification Date'. This is the date by which the festival will notify entrants of their final Selection or Non-Selection to the event, i.e., the submitter's final 'Judging Status'.

Festivals are responsible to notify entrants of their final Judging Status by their Notification Date. We send several reminder emails to festivals as this date approaches.

Unfortunately, we cannot enforce notification. Please contact the festival directly if the Notification Date has passed by more than two weeks without an update.

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