What is the difference between uploading my video to FilmFreeway or linking via Vimeo?

We recommend uploading your video directly to FilmFreeway. FilmFreeway accepts full quality HD videos up to 10 GB. This way, when your submission is accepted to a festival, the festival may send you a download request, which you may then authorize or deny, to download your full quality video for screening at the festival. Don’t worry, a festival can never download your video unless you expressly authorize their request.

Alternatively, if your film is already on Vimeo or YouTube you can simply link your video to your FilmFreeway project. Festivals you submit to will be able to watch your Vimeo video in FilmFreeway. However, if a festival needs to download your video for screening at the festival, you will need to enable downloading within Vimeo and communicate this information to the festival.

Important: If you are linking your video via Vimeo, be sure to update your settings in Vimeo to allow for embedding. Your video will still be password protected. Embedding simply allows the Vimeo video player to be displayed within the FilmFreeway interface.

To allow embedding, go to your video in your Vimeo account, click 'Settings' > 'Privacy' > 'Where Can This Video be Embedded?' > 'Anywhere'.

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