In celebration of Black History Month, this 4th quarterly session of 100 Films Retreat will focus on Officially Selecting films that have some connect to African diaspora thought, people, culture and/or artists!

Full Fee Payment GUARANTEES Official Selection.

New Academy Award® Nomination Qualifying Standard Theatrical Run Category for 2024.

As a result of 95th Academy Award® televised ceremony appearing Phillip E. Walker's opinion that "you don't get much out of a film festival that you don't attend", 100 Films Retreat is a brand new, live & in-person, unique combination of traditional Independent Film Festival and Professional Entertainment Industry Retreat.

Especially aiming to secure for indie filmmakers and video content creators in each quarterly session a live & in-person WORLD PREMIERE and/or NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE screening of their work, Walker Entertainer Academy (WEA) strives to screen a single film or video from as many countries as possible. For example, during our May 17-19, 2024 fifth quarterly event, we strive to screen a short film or video from 100 different countries!

As well, Official Selection priority will be given to WORLD PREMIERES whose filmmakers or content creators agree to attend the live & in-person event in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739 USA, which is only 40 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, with convenient Metrolink commuter train transportation.

Additionally, due to limited screen space and no concurrent screenings, the films or videos which are shortest in length are more likely to be Officially Selected and screened.

Further, WEA's near decade of supplying up close and personal, intense, indie filmmaker networking sessions both online thru monthly Meetups plus annual live & in-person (even all throughout the raging years of the Pandemic) short film marketing gatherings, makes us eminently qualified to now supply a World class, major short film festival combined with an intimate filmmaker retreat that offers ample individual access to Grand, Special Guest and Staff Judge Industry Professionals plus attending Special Guest Celebrities & Dignitaries.

Finally, we hope that you take advantage of this never before opportunity by submitting NOW, to ensure that yours is one of the first 100 qualified submissions.

1. Grand Prize {under 15 minutes in length film}
2. Top Movie Poster
3. Best Film Commercial {under 29 seconds in length}

Winners = Trophy (mailed free to non-attending winners), Digital Certificate (plus printed & framed if rep attends Awards Program) and Individualized Digital Laurel

Runners Up Winners = Framed Mini Certificate (mailed free to non-attending winners), Digital Certificate (plus printed & framed if rep attends Awards Program) and Individualized Digital Laurel

Third Places Winners = Framed Micro Certificate (mailed free to non-attending winners) and Individualized Digital Laurel

Fourth Place Winners = Laurel Magnet (mailed free to non-attending winners) and Individualized Digital Laurel

Fifth Place Winners = Laurel Magnet (mailed free to non-attending winners) and Individualized Digital Laurel

CARIBBEAN BEST TRAVEL FILM COMPETITION {under five minutes in length}
Ten Different Countries 1st to Submit-1st Selected Screening Slots Per Quarter

Caribbean Best Travel Film Winner = Engraved Plaque (mailed free to non-attending winner), Digital Certificate (plus printed & framed if rep attends Awards Program) and Individualized Digital Laurel

Caribbean Best Travel Film Runner Up Winner = Digital Certificate (plus printed & framed if rep attends Awards Program) and Individualized Digital Laurel

Caribbean Best Travel Film Third Place Winner = Individualized Digital Laurel

All of the above quarterly Winners will also have their film or video screened at the Friday, October 13, 2024 BEST of the Year's 400 Films Retreat live & in-person Showcase that concludes WEA's 2024 Hollywood Acting Employment Securing Residency in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91737 USA. The 2024 Year's Grand Prize, Top Movie Poster, Best Film Commercial and Best Caribbean Travel Film Trophies/Plaques, Certificates & Laurels will be awarded therein.

- Despite the published Notification date, Official Selection plus screening dates & times will be officially announced on a rolling bases, as soon as 48 hours after the submission and subsequent supplying of the below Required three digital files takes place.

- Films / videos from different countries have Official Selection priority over films / videos from the same country. The first submission from a new country that completes the below requirements will be Officially Selected and screened in competition.

- In order for a submission to compete for Awards
1. Film Freeway Downloading of the FILM must be enabled.

2. Followed by the emailing of the Film's POSTER to

3. Once the Film & Poster is received, that quarter's Retreat will email an image to the Submitter which must be included in an under 29 seconds in length COMMERCIAL video that is emailed to

- With very limited seating, all film screenings enjoy free admission secured online at

- Being actively involved in the 100 Films Retreat's private Facebook Page and/or attending one's screening live & in-person, greatly increases the probability of one's film or video being honored.

- Not all Officially Selected films or videos will screen.

- Any particular Filmmaker or Video Content Creator may have only one film or video submitted per quarter. Multiple submissions during any particular quarter that have the same director are likely to each be rejected.

- The submitter must own all copyrights to the submitted film or video. Any dispute will result in a film or video not being screened.

- All films or videos which are not spoken in English must have English subtitles in order to be Officially Selected.

- Only films or videos that are under 15 minutes in length qualify for Official Selection.

- The decisions of the Judges and Curator will be final.

- 100 Films Retreat is not responsible for technical problems that arise in any film’s screening.

- All submission fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • Fyodor Papin

    Phillip E. Walker was incredibly kind and supporting. It was a great honour to have our world premier at this wonderful festival! We're looking forward for participating again.

    August 2023
  • If you are looking for a film festival that seems more like family that genuinely cares for you as a filmmaker, and to receive vital inside information how to better your chances, then this 100 Films Retreat is certainly for you! I greatly appreciate the time and education Phillip E. Walker gave to me as a newbie filmmaker. Thank you for recognising Say My Name as a nominee in #2.

    August 2023
  • Excellent Festival! A big Thanks to Phillip E Walker for being a great curator. He is an perfect guide on the festival with all the details. Amazing platform to show case talent from across the globe!

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    I personally am grateful for your kind words, Vihang! Especially your encouragement of my "guiding" filmmakers into greater marketing of their films. 100 Films Retreat hopes that you will submit additional thought-provoking productions such as "Psilocybin".

  • max casu

    A Festival not to be missed! Care and attention to the smallest details. Excellent communication with the organization, always present! You will live the experience of joining a large family. 5 stars!

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    We thank you Max for noting the "family" atmosphere that 100 Films Retreat tries so hard to establish! Furthermore, we much appreciate the stunning image of your "THE WORLD OF SALVADOR DALI’" Film and hope that you will submit similar work in our #3 Retreat, which is now accepting submissions.

  • The world of cinema meets once again in a magical corner of the city of Rancho Cucamonga, in the United States, to celebrate the film festival "100 Films Retreat", directed by Phillip E. Walker. Located in the picturesque setting of Victoria Garden's Cove, this festival offers a unique cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression on all attendees.

    Thank you very much Phillip for your great commitment to cinematography in all its forms.

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    And we thank you Marcelo for supplying to 100 Films Retreat #2 the intriguing images of your Film "Ruinae". Please re-submit "Scalae" right away, so that you can in December be the Argentinean representative for our third Retreat!