DIY Animation Club, Rush Process, and Beta Theater present "Rush Process DIY Animation Spotlight", a quarterly screening series focused on animated shorts that embody the DIY ethic. We welcome the messy, the edgy, the mysterious, and most of all the very, very personal.

We have a very strong preference for emotional animated shorts that feel emblematic of a specific personal vision, handcrafted or not. Rush Process's main fest is focused on hand-drawn on paper, stop-motion, paper cutout, paint-on-glass, stratch-on-film, object, and abstract experimental animated shorts, but for this collaboration with DIY Animation Club, we are open to digital shorts as well.

Films submitted for the quarterly screening series will also be considered for potential features on the Screening Room page of DIY Animation Club's website (via embed). If you'd just like to be considered for the website, please use the Website Consideration Only category.

Minority, women and gender non-conforming animators, we highly encourage you to submit. The world needs to hear your stories, especially right now.

For filmmakers submitting comedic shorts, we urge you to consider the words of film critic Tina Hassannia: "There's nothing wrong with wanting a comedy to not only be funny, but like a genuinely good movie, with ideas and visuals and humanity."

A nominal submission fee is in place to prevent haphazard submissions (an epidemic on FilmFreeway for zero-fee listings). If the fee represents a financial hardship, please let us know and we will be happy to give you a waiver.

If you are one of the handful of filmmakers who submitted to an earlier screening and your film's status was still "undecided" on April 1, your work has been passed forward to the selection team for the rest of the series, so there is no need to submit again.