Paris Courts Devant is an International Short Film Festival, identified as a “First Class” Festival by the CNC (National Center of Cinematography)

13 th edition - November 14 th – 21 st , 2017

As the most significant international short film festival in and around Paris, the purpose of Paris Courts Devant is to bring the work of young creators in the film and audiovisual industry to the fore, whether they are working locally, nationally or internationally.

The various competitions are designed to promote short formats while always keeping up with current events and the numerous encounters between professionals are vital opportunities for fledgling filmmakers and screenwriters to expand their network.

Paris Courts Devant is open to any short format: Series, web series, web documentaries, virtual reality, digital creations and projects will be at the center of the 13 th edition of the Paris Courts Devant Festival.

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Awards & Prizes

- Award for best virtual reality film

Rules & Terms

Réglement en français ici :

In our "VR Films" category, only immersive audiovisual virtual reality creations (360°) designed to be shown by using popular VR goggles and headsets such as the Occulus Rift, the Google Cardboard, etc. may be submitted. These VR films, which may or may not be interactive, can be fiction, animation, live action or CGI movies, documentaries, experimental creations, etc.
- Films can be no longer than 26 minutes
- Must be produced in 2016 or 2017
- The festival does not accept any film submitted previously.
- Any film must be subtitled in English or in French (if French is not the main language)
- The films will be viewed by at least two programmers
- Our team of programmers undertakes to watch each film from beginning to end.


- Submissions are accepted via FilmFreeway only
- Unless judged otherwise, every work produced in 2016 and 2017 can be submitted (based on the year the production ends)
- An entry fee is payable for every submission
- Entry fees are non-refundable
- The work submitted may have been shown, it may have been screened (during festivals, on TV, in movie theaters, on the Internet etc.)
- The person in charge of submitting the film. episode, project, shall have filled in the information form online. Be careful! If the film is selected, the information provided will be used for the program and various festival documents. The festival shall therefore bear no responsibility for any incorrect information on the submission form.
- Both the file with the creation and a link to it must be provided (Vimeo or other). If the link is private, provide the relevant password as well. You must keep the link active until the last day of the festival.
- The Paris Courts Devant festival expressly undertakes to not disclose any link or password that are provided, and shall only use said links and passwords for the selection process.
- If a film is selected, our team will contact the person who has submitted the film by phone and/or mail in September.
- If a film is not selected the person who has submitted the film will be contacted by mail in September.
- Once the selection has been made, no project may be withdrawn from the program.
- The person who has submitted the project states that he/she is the owner of the broadcasting rights for the images, sounds, music, concepts, texts etc. used in said project.
- The beneficiaries assign to Paris Court Devant the broadcasting rights of the creations for any of the Festival public screenings.
- The beneficiaries of the creations selected for the competitions allows Paris Courts Devant to broadcast said films for free during three free screenings, organized to promote the festival by showing the awarded films.
- The Festival is entitled to use short extracts and/or stills from the creation in its printed communication materials or other promotional material, for the sole purpose of promoting the festival.
- The festival team may decide at any time to not comply with the terms and conditions. In that case, the team shall immediately inform the relevant candidate(s) by email.
- Any decision taken by Paris Courts Devant are final and shall not be justified.
- To submit a project or a creation to the Paris Courts Devant International Short Film Festival requires that the candidates accept the Terms and Conditions herein without demur.

- Official competition for virtual reality films

Video library
- The beneficiary accepts that the creation will be broadcasted on our screening devices during the festival and/or on our online private video library available 6 moths after the end of the festival, for professional purpose only. Access to that video library is strictly private and limited to the professionals accredited for the festival.
- Should a film be selected, the beneficiary allows Paris Courts Devant to download the film, episode, pilot (via the screening link) to embed it to the Festival video library.