The International New York Film Festival, (INYFF) is A SCREENING FESTIVAL. We are interested not just in films with potential commercial success but films of artistic merit and scope.

Hollywood has the A talent. The INYFF has the AAA talent.

In the INYFF first time filmmakers with no-budgets to seasoned pros with name talent and multi-million dollar budgets screen together in the most eclectic film festival anywhere in NY and the world. Submit today and become part of the INYFF family.

Secret Social media rooms for INYFF winners keep you connected and updated with great networking opportunities. A private club for the top talent. The AAA of the film world. You know who you are so now's the time to submit your film and prove it to the world.

The goal is to build a festival that will be on par with other major festivals but geared to the truly independent filmmaker, actor, and script writer. Giving them opportunities and opening doors that would not otherwise be open to them. The INYFF 2017 will be a 3 day festival.

The INYFF has become more aware of the issues that an Indie filmmaker encounters in getting their work to be seen. We are working with several Indies filmmakers to create a small independent theater exclusively for Indies film where one week screenings will be the award prize.

The hope is to promote and work with other festivals in this State and other States to develop such sites for indies screening. Currently the exorbitant cost of renting not just a NYC theater but theaters in many locations make it difficult to go beyond one screening of an independent film. Theaters screening Indies due to the unknown talent and unknown filmmakers are not willing to lose any revenue. This would not be an issue if these rental fees were fair but they are not and this is something that needs to be changed in this industry. While online distribution is certainly becoming the norm for the future, a theatrical screening is still the desire of every independent filmmaker.

A web Indies Review Show is also in the working in which trailers of independent films will be shown with reviews of these movies prior to screenings. Once a large enough audience base is created we would move over to obtaining cable time for the show.

In this year we are also limiting the requirements for submissions. We realize that filmmakers need to get their films out there as often and in as many ways possible. Filmmakers may submit even if they have had screenings and/or world premieres in other festivals.


Digital submission only through FilmFreeway. Selected Films will be notified and given sufficient time to have film made into the required format for screening.

The International New York Film Festival is seeking outstanding filmmakers of all ages. Innovative, creative, unique in their vision. All genre are accepted.

There will be an award presentation event.

Unfortunately due to the importance of the film submission revenue in operating the Festival we are unable to offer fee waivers. Recognizing the funding challenges that filmmakers face we encourage you to take advantage of the EarlyEarly Bird Deadline and Earlybird deadline.

Awards & Prizes

INYFF Trophy and certificates. Screenings of BEST of each category. Potential distribution.

BEST of each category receives the INYFF Trophy. Each film selected will also receive screening.

Second Place, Silver Award and potential screening.

Certificates of Merit will be awarded to films that show exceptional potential in their film work.

Rules & Terms

Only completed films may be submitted. (No rough cuts).

Films must have been made between 2010 and 2017.

Filmmaker must own all rights to their film and music and/or have secured rights.

Competition is open to U.S. and International entries. International films must be in English or with English subtitle.

Films submitted must not have any distribution deal.

There are no refund of fee's.

14 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Hugo Teugels

    Due to this festival our short THE QUEEN came 'home'.
    Excellent event to network! Good atmosphere in the cosy stylish Pruducers Club Bar in NYC.

    March 2017
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    Laura Dowling Shea

    We were honored to screen Great Expectations at the INYFF. The screening room at the Producers Club was comfortable and we had a lively talk back with the audience after the film. Thank you INYFF for a wonderful experience. We hope to screen with you again!

    March 2017
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    Ben van Bergen

    Our experience with this festival was good. We were happy to receive two accolades, one for "Best New York Feature Film", and another for "Best feature Under $250,000."

    November 2016
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    joe diamand

    Very excited about the future of this festival, the International New York Film Festival. So proud to have my film at this festival, a festival l that lives up to its name, with a diverse set of International entries and great filmmakers. The festival was held in the heart of the NYC ! The location was amazing. And so was the quality of the films ... every film we saw at the festival was amazing. The festival team took great care of us, and we can't say enough good things about them. Looking forward to coming back in 2017!

    November 2016
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    Darren Conrad

    Awesome Festival!!!!! My film won a "Merit" Award. This festival is very professionally run.

    November 2016