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Christian Filmmakers are on the rise, and as technology advances and is more accessible to more and more people, new outlets are necessary to meet the demand of new Christian Films.

This will be our third festival in Buffalo, NY, the gateway to the Great Lakes. Buffalo has a rich history, and many stories to tell. It is in the stage of rebuilding its downtown and renovating historic landmarks. What a great place to begin our journey.

Awards & Prizes

We are giving several awards and cash prizes for winners and nominees. Prize amounts will depend on participation. $500 will be awarded to the top film of the festival. Awards will be given to the top categories.

Rules & Terms

The biggest thing is this is a CHRISTIAN Film Festival. What does that mean? For starters, this is a festival for Christian Filmmakers or anyone looking to submit a Christian-themed film. The target audience is for the whole family. Some projects, such as Passion of the Christ, might be graphic or unsuitable for children under 14 years old. We suggest you please give us warning as to the content of the film so we can categorize it differently than a general audience rating. The idea is to provide indie Christian Filmmakers an outlet and possible success full-time, as well as, opportunities for veteran movie industry folks to network, mentor, and inspire the next generation film stars and moguls.

Submissions will be accepted via digital formats. Selected films will require hardcopies send to our facility. More details will be updated in the coming months.

4 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Tomas Sanchez

    Great staff great people... Thanks for having us..

    September 2016
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    Selva Tamiz Anban Devados

    Great festival, very well organized and mission focused. Fudge has a great communication and heart for Christian films .

    August 2016
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    Ralph Isenberg

    I can not say enough for the professionalism of this festival. Most important, the festival was very open minded to what the new filmmaker struggles with on a day to day basis to produce a film. The communication was outstanding.

    August 2016
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    Will Black

    I can't speak to the hospitality and networking since I was unable to attend but the festival was great at communicating and did a pretty good job promoting the films. The only suggestion I'd make is to have awards of some type for award winners. Even a simple certificate would have been great.

    June 2016