When her best friend is mistakenly sentenced to death while vacationing abroad, the sheltered tourist, Shine, must navigate her way through the dark side of Bali in order to save her.

  • Denyc
    Crystal Skulls, California Roll, Firequake
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Writer Biography - Denyc

Actress, writer DENYC (known for her writing works as Denise Poole) is a refreshing new talent who’s work has been outstanding from the start. She’s followed none of the typical Hollywood molds, and carved her own path through a passion for storytelling. Her action/scifi and comedy focused career lends her to be seen on set with a child-like smile, but those who’ve worked with Denyc know she’s a movie-making darling with a knack for getting projects produced. Despite her short time in the industry, Denyc has had amazing success as a writer and actress, pairing the two talents together perfectly. She is coming up fast, and no one has seen anything quite like her. As she moves into producing and starring in her own works, one can only get excited to see what magic comes onscreen as much as off.

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