Frozen in Time - The Dawn of Dreams (Teaser)

37.000 ago, during the time age of Aurignacien, a nomad-tribe of hunters and gatherers stayed at the breakthrough of the river Ardeche and a nearby cave. For the nomads this was a sacred place - it was the gate to "Otherworld".

Inside the cave they created the cathedral of the stoneage. They used a combination of painting and 3D-sculpture-painting for their spiritual art - and discovered the laws of perspective. By using the cave as their stage and screen they invented scenic storytelling. They were the first storytellers of mankind (and also the ancestors of cinema). A turn of eras and the awakening of modern mankind's spirit.

This spirituality and knowledge got lost with the artitsts death and with the vanishing of their tribe. It took 36.5000 years of human evolution until this state of art was re-discovered during the Renaissance. Of course this example of human genious and greatness should teach us modesty. But what else can we learn from it... ?

  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short, Web / New Media, Other
  • Genres:
    Documentary, History, Human Interest, Culture
  • Runtime:
    52 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 7, 2022
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  • Country of Filming:
    France, Germany
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Distribution Information
  • ROADSIDE - Filme mit Courage
    Country: Germany
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Daniel Burkholz

Daniel Burkholz is an award winning filmmaker, producer and lawyer. He worked as lawyer for environment protection organizations. Later, he worked as leading officer in the fields of environment protection and education. After an intermezzo as divemaster in Thailand, Indonesia and Egypt, he studied the Nomad's culture of the Sinai, the Nomad's Culture of the Great Thar desert, and the Aborigine's culture in Queensland. In 2005, Daniel Burkholz founded Roadside Dokumentarfilm. The UN and the civil society in many countries uses ROADSIDE films for their work. More over, the films have been officially selected for more than 300 film festivals, fests and film series around the world. In 2020, Daniel Burkholz founded the NOMADS of Documentary.

Der preisgekrönte Filmemacher, Produzent und Rechtsassessor Daniel Burkholz war langjährig im Umweltschutz- und Bildungsbereich und auch als Rechtsanwalt tätig. Nach einem Intermezzo als Divemaster in Thailand, Indonesien und Ägypten studierte er die Kultur der Nomaden des Sinai, der Großen Thar Wüste und der Aborigines in Queensland. 2005 gründete Daniel Burkholz Roadside Dokumentarfilm. Die Vereinten Nationen und die Zivilgesellschaft in vielen Ländern nutzen die ROADSIDE Filme für ihre Arbeit. Die Filme wurden bereits für mehr als 300 Filmfestivals, Filmfeste und Filmreihen in aller Welt offiziell ausgewählt. 2020 hat Daniel Burkholz die NOMADS of Documentary.

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Director Statement

Shortly before Easter 1986, I was the first one to be allowed to camp at Pont d'Arc at the shore of the Ardeche/France. The place was very near to a huge cave, now named Grotte de Chauvet. Unfortunately it wasn't me who discovered this wonder of the world. Later, in 1994, three french weekend cavers were so lucky to do so. Well, it seems that I am a very poor archeologist...