ATLFilmParty: Local Film Competition in Atlanta, Georgia | Transforming ATL's Film Industry

ATLFilmParty, LLC is a dynamic local film competition in Atlanta, Georgia, dedicated to fostering a vibrant and supportive film community. Our primary objective is to drive positive transformation within the ATL film industry.

Filmmakers interested in participating in the ATLFilmParty must either hail from or have a base in Atlanta, Georgia. This requirement ensures that the competition remains rooted in the local talent and showcases the immense creativity within our community.

During each cycle, a carefully selected seasonal jury comprising seasoned film industry professionals will meticulously review the submissions and curate a captivating selection of 3-8 top films. These exceptional works will be featured at our highly anticipated event, where they will be presented in a captivating loop and screened at a prominent venue located inside the perimeter (ITP).

As an attendee of the ATLFilmParty, you will have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a captivating cinematic experience. Upon arrival, each guest will receive an individual ballot, enabling them to cast their vote for their favorite film after enjoying the looped screenings throughout the evening.

To further support and empower filmmakers, presenting sponsors generously provide a $500 grant along with mentorship to the winner of the night. As the event unfolds from 8 PM until late into the night, anticipation builds until the climactic moment at 11:30 PM when our host, Brooke "B" Sonenreich, announces the victorious filmmaker, based on the meticulously counted ballots.

Join us at ATLFilmParty and be part of an unforgettable celebration of Atlanta's film industry, where creativity thrives, connections flourish, and dreams come to life.

The winning filmmaker receives a $500 grant and mentorship provided by a presenting sponsor (TBA)

All finalists receive a framed award and swag bag.

Commercials About Atlanta (2 minutes or less)| Submit Your Films for FREE

Exciting news: AFP is back with a bang for Cycle 4, Season 2 - the season finale!

We're looking for captivating commercials that spotlight the vibrant essence of Atlanta, GA – the city we know and love. Whether you're capturing the skyline, showcasing local businesses, or highlighting the diverse culture, we want to see your unique take in 2 minutes or less.

Are you a filmmaker who calls Atlanta home? This is your chance to shine! Your eligibility is simple – just be raised and/or based in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

Imagine your creation lighting up the big screen at Switchyards Downtown Club (151 Ted Turner Drive). It's not just about showcasing your talent; it's about celebrating the spirit of Atlanta together.

And here's the cherry on top: the winning filmmaker of the evening will receive a $500 grant and invaluable mentorship, courtesy of our presenting sponsor (TBA)!

So, dust off your cameras, gather your crew, and let your imagination run wild because Season 2 is wrapping up, and we're going out with a bang!

Let's make some ATL film magic happen! 🍑✨


About AFP:

Welcome to ATLFilmParty, the premier platform for showcasing shorts created by talented filmmakers with connections to Atlanta. Whether you were born and raised in Atlanta or currently reside here, we invite you to participate in this exciting opportunity. Only Atlanta-based and/or Atlanta-raised filmmakers are eligible to apply!

Submitting your short film/commercial to ATLFilmParty is completely FREE, providing an accessible avenue for filmmakers to share their unique stories. We encourage you to seize this chance to have your voice heard and your vision celebrated.

Feel free to submit more than one short/commercial, allowing you to showcase multiple perspectives or explore different themes. We value diversity and creativity, and we are eager to embrace the richness of your storytelling.

To ensure fairness and inclusivity, please note that if you have already been honored as a winner in any of the previous cycles/seasons of ATLFilmParty, we kindly request that you refrain from resubmitting at this time. However, if you were a finalist in past cycles without winning, we enthusiastically welcome you to resubmit and vie for the coveted recognition.

Join the vibrant community of Atlanta filmmakers and let your short films shine. Submit your commercial today to ATLFilmParty and be part of the electrifying celebration of creativity and storytelling in our beloved city.

Overall Rating
  • Parker Bridges

    Super fun festival, incredibly enriching experience. Welcoming atmosphere and opportunity for filmmakers.

    June 2024
  • Wasan Hayajneh

    Hands down one of the greatest film fests I've been to in Atlanta- the ELECTRA WASP team is truly honored to have been a part of ATLFILMPARTY and hope to continue attending! Brooke did an incredible job putting this beautiful project together, and we cannot thank everyone involved enough for making this happen!

    January 2024
  • Such a great event for ATL Filmmakers :)

    July 2023