Armen resides in Northern California with his wife and son Carlo. He's been a writer and producer for the last 15 years. He's written, produced and directed 2 short films ( Blind Fate and The City). He is currently working on a new screenplay (Action/Thriller) working title "Gabriel". Additionaly, he is finishing a book titled "Three Women". The story revolves around three women who immigrated to U.S. from Middle East and find an unbreakable friendship and comfort in one another during a difficult time in their lives.
Thank for you the opportunity to introduce “Pride Jewel” and describe the context in which it was created. In short, Myself and my writing partner wanted to craft a plot-driven action thriller that prioritized the reality of the characters’ motivation while adhering to the practical realities of a professional production. The goals are:

• Detail the immigrant’s emotional and moral struggle to choose between good and bad, leveraging the many barriers that impact accessibility to a traditional career path.
• Integrate the characters’ choices into a believable narrative so that the audience can identify with their conflict.
• Create an epic bad guy character, Cyrus, that would attract an A-list actor.
• Develop a story line that has international appeal and a pathway to a compelling sequel.
• Make the story flexible enough so that it could be altered to accommodate shooting it in Asia, Europe or North America.

Sincere thanks for your time and consideration.
Armen Dilanchian
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    Pride Jewel
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Pride Jewel
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Pride Jewel
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