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Amerikan Hell

A church burns to the ground with a congregation locked inside and every local news source is desperately scrounging through rumors to get the full story before they’re live in a few minutes. When it seems like there’s no cohesive account, one young producer gets the tip of his career: the supposed group of psychopaths that have been terrorizing the region are offering not only the story but their personal footage of the horrors inside of the church as it all unfolded. Without a way of contacting them again, it’s on the poorly funded news station to juggle their integrity and rebroadcast the psychopaths’ footage or turn it over to the authorities.

  • Robert Bryce Milburn
    Screenplay By / Created By
  • Nicholas Begnaud
    Screenplay By / Story By
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Thriller, Horror, Suspense, Crime
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography

Robert Bryce Milburn is a Grip and Rigging Grip under IATSE Local 479, Independent Filmmaker, and Headshot Photographer in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Photography and a Minor in Film and Television in 2012.

As a Grip, he has worked on Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, Miracles from Heaven, Ride Along 2, Dirty Grandpa, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, Rectify, Complications, The Originals, and many others!

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Writer Statement

My co-writer and I share multiple awards for past screenplays and short films, including: Various types of "Awards" at FilmQuest, Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, BareBones International Film & Music Festival, Idaho Horror Film Festival, Eerie Horror Film Festival, Accolade Global Film Competition, and Shore Scripts Screenplay Competition.Official selection at Leeds International Film Festival.

We then share "Official Selections" at Leeds International Film Festival, Innovative Film Festival, North Hollywood Cinefest, Cinema At The Edge, Atlanta Film Festival, Trasharama A-Go-Go Touring Film Festival, MICA Film Festival, Buried Alive! Horror Film Festival, ITSA Film Festival, Freak Show Horror Film Festival, Canton Film Festival, and Wasteland Film Festival.