The Actors Awards is a monthly competition for actors worldwide.

Each month, our jury will award the best actors through private screenings, and make a special interview with the Best Performance of Fest winner.

We accept story-based films in any length, including indie films, web series and TV series. 

* All winners receive a free certificate (PDF/JPG, ready to print). 

Best Performance of Fest
Best Actor/Actress in a Drama
Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy
Best Actor/Actress in a Horror
Best Actor/Actress in a Thriller
Best Actor/Actress in an Action Film
Best Actor/Actress in a Sci-Fi
Best Actor/Actress in a Fantasy Film
Best Actor/Actress in a Crime Film
Best Actor/Actress in a TV/Web Series
Best Young Actor/Actress (13-18)
Best Child Actor/Actress (5-12)
Best Supporting Actor/Actress
Best Duo
Best Ensemble
Best Voice Acting
Best Monologue

By submitting your film, take note that: 
- You agree to use parts of your film (trailer/teaser/film poster/stills) for promotional purpose.
- Entry fees are non-refundable.
- Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker/actor and each entry may be entered in multiple categories. 
- The films will not be available online. 

We do not accept:
1. Amateur videos 
2. Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations
3. Films involving politics / films promoting political agenda 
4. Films with a poor production standard (bad sound, lack of subtitles/captions for non-English films, video resolution less than 720p HD)

Overall Rating
  • It's a great honor to have won as best supporting actor at Actors Awards. I want to thank you very much for this amazing award. The Festivals like yours give emotions and allow us to believe in our dreams.

    September 2021
  • Thank you for my award, it has been a pleasure!

    June 2021
  • I'm so glad to have been honored by this festival with Best Actor in an Indie film for my role on Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body! This is one of the best festivals for actors as it obviously specializes in the different types of performances and its well known in Hollywood. I'm humbled and grateful and hope to come back with my next project!

    June 2021
  • Thankyou so much to the lovely Actors Awards Team for awarding us Best Actress for our film 'Perpetua'! A great festival to have the honour of being a part of.

    June 2021
  • Maria Svoliantopoulou

    Participating in Actors Awards was a great exprerience and gave hope that eventually art unites the world! A big thank you so much on behalf of Amalia Zargianaki who won the Best Actress in a Drama award for our movie Remind Me - A film about Alzheimer's

    June 2021