You Don't Have To Go

  • Meg Pfeiffer
  • Meg Pfeiffer
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    3 minutes 56 seconds
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    December 13, 2019
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Artist Biography

Meg Pfeiffer, a multi award winning singer/songwriter based in New York, achieved international success through a breathtaking usage of voice, loop station, drum pads and multi instrumentalism that made her able to rock the stage more than an entire band!

Her unique vocal timbre, together with her exceptional songwriting skills, creates a magical atmosphere that reaches the soul.

Meg‘s career took off like a rocket with the release of her album “Bullrider”, published by Sony Music, which landed in the top ten of the German charts and was followed by a long list of TV shows, radio airplay and interviews.

She went on winning prizes at contests such as the “German Rock & Pop Music Awards” and more recently the “European Songwriting Award”, playing for brands of the caliber of MAN, Gibson, Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, Piaget and Yamaha, or even performing in arenas with over six thousand visitors.

Through talent, dedication and hard work, she managed to bring her music on a global scale and starting an intense touring activity that led her to play in over 15 countries, from USA to Russia, from Canada to China.

Meg recently played in the Emirates at the Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi, where big stars such as Sam Smith, The Weekend and Guns N’ Roses performed.

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