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Wo(men) go to Jupiter

Taking place 3 million years into the future. Male species were wiped from the Earth, leaving only the women species. Following the supposed extinction of man, the two sexes discover each other on different planets, unbeknownst to their governments. 
Women, remaining on Earth, and men, being held on Jupiter. 

  • Melody Yasaman Baha
  • Luisa McDougall
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    Television Script
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    Sci-Fi, Drama, Comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Melody Yasaman Baha, Luisa McDougall

Melody is an Iranian (Persian) - American Actress, Writer and Director.
She has starred in over 15 theater productions, numerous independent films, TV series and has guest starred on shows such as, The Dr. Oz Show, Judge Gloria Allred, The Last Ship, Nickelodeon and various new media channels. She made her theater debut starring in Aladdin at the Escondido Center for Performing Arts in San Diego. 
Melody produced and starred in an off-off broadway show, The Most Massive Woman Wins. She was featured on TNT's, The Last Ship with director Michael Bay. She trained in Acting for Film and Television in Los Angeles while double majoring in Communication Studies and Dramatic Arts. In 2017, Melody moved to New York City to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic arts and graduated with a degree in acting performance for Film and Television. 
She has won achievement and best producing awards for numerous short films at film festivals in New York City, Los Angeles, as well as an international honorary award for best representation in film from Brazil. Her writing includes feature film, The Coldest Dish and Live Free, both independent projects, as well as a web-series titled, Love Triangles.
Currently, she is working on a co-written sci-fi comedic pilot and Iranian post-Shah era, dramatic feature film about her deceased father. Founder of production company, Melodically Productions, where she produces independent short films, feature films, music videos and mini series for underrepresented women and creatives in film.

Luisa (Lulu) McDougall is a writer based in New York and New Jersey, with a BA in Screenwriting/Playwriting from SUNY Purchase. Her projects focus on fantastical storytelling through the lens of women.

With an Australian and Hispanic background, Lulu’s comics, plays and scripts are often inspired from trips around the world.

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Writer Statement

I write to bring characters in my every day to life, but exaggerate them. I love exaggerating the daily norms and showcasing "real" people, with high stake motivations and desires.

There are always characters named after real people in my life, whether I have stay connected to them or not. This script transforms our modern society and tells the story of the way modernized living has the potential of looking and feeling like 3 million years from now. Wo[men] Go To Jupiter, is a pulse-pounding dystopian Sci-Fi “Dramedy,” that is set 3 million years into the future.

Although, we can not predict everything this far into the future, we can use our imaginations. I used my imagination to showcase revolutionized technology, hair, makeup, gender roles, love, passion and heart break.

I showcase what worlds look like when they collide both figuratively and physically. This is a new definition for feminism and gender identity. f genders had been separated many years ago, how has this evolved who we are as humans? How does this define our insecurities, weaknesses, opportunities, successes, set backs and future endeavors? How do we understand the importance of comfort, yet losing the sense of control we have over our bodies? How does the world evolve as far as society standards and quite literally, how does our skin and our hair change due to the changes in our environment? On Jupiter, men are living and replenishing their numbers unbeknownst to women. Additionally, men have absolutely no clue women exist.

I want to take readers and viewers through a journey of the unknown with endless possibilities for building a future where things are so accessible, it positivity (or even negatively) impacts our mind sets and futures to come.

We love men, we love women, but what does the world look like without one another on the same planet?

This series is personal to all women and highlights core facets society would drastically change without the existence of men.

Who better to tell this story than a creative team of nearly all women? This is us, writing about us. That’s entirely our right and duty.

This story will always be relevant and is important to tell now more than ever as it highlights progressing environmental catastrophes. Our story also showcases humanity’s potential advancements along with the ways history could repeat a few million years into the future.