What Makes You Beautiful?

Award-Winning Actor, Host and Filmmaker Yuval David Puts Beauty Back in the Eye of the Beholder with ‘What Makes You Beautiful?’

Beauty is often referred to as a subjective concept, and something that cannot be truly defined, but when posed with the question of what makes a person beautiful, how might most people respond?

That is what acclaimed actor, host, and filmmaker Yuval David is determined to find out in his socially experimental video series.

In his trailblazing digital episodic series, Yuval David presents a variety of people he meets on the streets of New York with the very simple question: “What Makes People Beautiful?” After people answer the question, Yuval then asks them a question that proves to not be so simple: “What Makes You Beautiful?”

When prompted, does physical beauty win out or does inner beauty rival it to claim the top answer?

In “What Makes You Beautiful?” Yuval focuses his camera on everyday New Yorkers and visitors to the city, querying them on what aspect of others and by default, themselves, do they consider the most beautiful traits?

And just like the infinite combinations of DNA and similarly wintry snowflakes, there is not one overwhelmingly clear-cut answer.

As business magnate and ‘Shark Tank’ panelist Mark Cuban explains in his answer to Yuval’s question, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s whatever you see that you like.”

While some answers are more ‘on the nose’ and focusing on specific physical characteristics, such as someone’s eyes or approachable smile, other answers are more conceptual in nature.

“Beauty can be something profound, it can be something with significance…it’s hard to even describe,” as one woman states.

Others find it easy to compliment friends or strangers on their beauty, but when the question is pointed at them, find it hard to give an answer about what makes them beautiful.

“I never say that about myself,” as one person states. While another individual denies she is beautiful at all, as her friends sitting next to her on the park bench counter her. “What? You are beautiful!”

In one highly moving and beautiful scene, a mother explains to her young daughter that in order to be beautiful, one needs to have a lot of different qualities.

“In order for you to be beautiful, you can’t just have pretty hair and cute clothes,” she says. “Your personality, your characteristics, your morals, your values, and the way you treat people.”

“All of those things are built into you, and that’s what makes you beautiful.”

Yuval developed and hosts, directs and produces this powerful and profound new documentary series.

In addition to “What Makes You Beautiful?” Yuval produces, directs, and hosts award-winning original content, including inspirational web series, food and culinary, travel and lifestyle shows, and short films, feature films, and documentaries, including “One Actor Short,” “The Beta-Loop” and “House of Fury.”

He is also an internationally recognized TV, film, and stage actor, who has made appearances in many episodes of ABC’s long-running hidden camera primetime series, “What Would You Do?” as well as “Madam Secretary,” “The Michael J. Fox Show” and the upcoming HBO mini-series, “The Plot Against America.”

He is also a keynote motivational speaker, MC, and workshop presenter, and dedicates his time to LGBTQ+, Israeli and Jewish, arts and cultural, and humanitarian organizations and causes.

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Yuval is best known for his roles in HBO’s “The Plot Against America,” ABC’s “What Would You Do,” NBC’s “The Michael J Fox Show,” in addition to multiple TV series, films, and On- and Off-Broadway stage productions. Yuval also hosts, directs, produces, and writes award-winning original content, including short- and long-form documentary and feature content, and episodic web series.

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Yuval David’s gift for bringing characters and complex narratives to life does not reside
exclusively as an actor or host in front of the camera.
As a masterful storyteller and acclaimed filmmaker Yuval consistently creates compelling content, producing, directing, and writing narrative films, episodic series, and documentaries.
His work has earned him a plethora of awards and recognition. This includes Best Film, Best Direction, Best Experimental Film, Best Web Series, Best Special FX, and Best Sound Design, Audience Awards, Awards of Merit and Awards of Excellence. His original content, web series, feature and short films, and documentaries entertain, while also inspiring, empowering and captivating his audiences. This is seen across his digital series, such as ‘One Actor Short,’ ‘Better World,’‘Pranks of Kindness,’ “What Makes You Beautiful?” and “What Are You Good At?”, in addition to his short and feature films including “The BetaLoop” and “House of Fury.”
His groundbreaking work has been screened at and taken home dozens of awards from international film festivals, including The Big Apple Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, Hollywood Just4Shorts Film Festival, Top Shorts Film Festival, Vegas CineFest International Film Festival, IndieFest, Accolade Global Film Festival, Best Shorts Film Festival, New York Lift-Off Film Festival, American Golden Picture Film Festival, European Cinematography Awards, Indie Short Fest, New York Film Awards, Independent Shorts Awards, Kosice International Film Festival, Prague International Film Festival, and Wallachia International Film Festival.
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