We Americans and the USS Liberty

The USS Liberty was a converted World War II cargo ship that had been transformed into America’s premier spy-ship by 1967.

On the morning of 8 June 1967, the USS Liberty was navigating in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea.

A few hours later, thirty-four Americans were dead and over 170 physically wounded.

The LIBERTY was shot with over 3,000 machine gun hits and the 40-foot hole from a torpedo helped destroy most of her vital equipment as a quarter of the ship flooded.

Her captain and only doctor on board were severely wounded.

A few hours after the attack on the USS Liberty, the Israeli government apologized that they had “erroneously attacked” the Liberty; but the USA cover-up had already begun.

This film was shot at the 50th reunion of the survivors by this civilian.

  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short, Web / New Media
  • Genres:
    True story, Government coverup, veterans, Navy, Marine, activism, PTS
  • Runtime:
    40 minutes 33 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    May 18, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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    United States
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Director Biography

Before the events of 11 Sept. 2001, I was a comfortably numb Christian. That day was the catalyst that began my research of USA Middle East polices and in 2007 I began to learn about the USS LIBERTY and the USA government cover-up of the attack on LIBERTY that occured on 8 June 1967 while navigating in international waters during what became known as The Six Day War.

In 2005, I founded WeAreWideAwake.org in response to my first trip to Israel.

In 2006, I produced "30 Minutes with Vanunu"

In 2012, I ran for US House of Rep. as an independent candidate.

In 2013, I became the first NON-Arab correspondent for USA's TheArabDailyNews:

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Director Statement

The events of 11 September 2001 was the catalyst for this once upon a time comfortably numb Christian to begin to research USA Middle East policies. In 2007 I met my first USS Liberty survivor of the Six Day War and when he said “It was God that kept the Liberty afloat” I knew I would do more than just listen to him. In 2012 I was an independent candidate for US HOUSE on a platform that included establishing every June 8 to be known as USS Liberty Remembrance Day. In 2017 I produced this film in pursuit of establishing every June 8 to be known as USS Liberty Remembrance Day in the hearts and minds of viewers.