It's the story of a woman who has lived everything. Who has lived several lives. It's the story of a woman who was a century ahead of her time. It's the story of Josephine Baker.
Today, Josephine is the idol of a broke dancer, a Drag Queen, a Kurdish solider, a young activist, a busy mother, and a sick grand-mother. Every each of them takes from Josephine the courage and inspiration they need. But Josephine doesn't know all that yet, as she tries to live the life she wants for herself.
It's the story of Josephine Baker, told by today's world.

WOMAN is a mini series in 6 episodes telling Josephine Baker's story, from her childhood in Saint-Louis to her death. Each episode is a part of her life (Her childhood, the Cabaret life in Paris, the War, the Civil Right Movement, her motherhood, and the end of her life) and is being put in parallel with one character living nowadays who has the same struggles as Josephine depending on the part of her life.

  • Morgane Buleon
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    Television Script
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    Biopic, Drama, War, Musical
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Writer Biography - Morgane Buleon

Morgane Buleon is a 22 years old screenwriter and director from Dinard, Brittany. She graduated high-school majoring in literature, before entering directly at l’ESEC, a film school in Paris, where she studied the different jobs and steps on making a film. She graduated in 2018, majoring in screenwriting.

Throughout those years, Morgane wrote and co-directed her first short-film Camille : the story of a teenager having to face the psychological consequences of a rape. She then wrote The Abandoned, a short-film set in Occupied France. She visited the Moulin d’Andé, where she wrote the short film Devil in Disguise, a dark comedy about the Presleys. Her latest work as screenwriter, director, and costume designer is Je suis Divo, a short-film about a music-hall performer going on stage for the first time.

She currently lives and Paris.

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Writer Statement

WOMAN is my first attempt in television writing. The idea was born when I was still at l'ESEC. I've been working on this mini series for two years, and I am now very pleased to be able to show the pilot. Josephine Baker has been an inspiration of mine for a long time. Her struggles throughout her life are the same that our generation is facing, and I hope her ambition, her will and her strength will be empowering for the ones in need to be reminded how much someone can achieve on their own.