Until the end of time

His father perished in a car accident a year ago, and his mother was left in a coma. On the first anniversary of his father's death, a son pushes his wheelchair-bound mother to his father's tombstone, where he runs into Dr. Li Min, a seasoned specialist who treated his parents and eventually sent his father away. Dr. Li Min unties the knot in his heart and reveals to his son the true cause of his father's death.

  • Wang Lau
  • Wang Lau
    《舞邪》《Dance Evil》,《爱情蝙蝠侠》《Love Batman》
  • Wang Lau
    《Until the end of tim》
  • Wang Lau
    Key Cast
    "The son"
    2009 "Our Team to the Sun", starring "Fu Youli". 2009 "My Regiment Commander My Regiment", starring "Lin Yi". 2010 "Run Ma Xiao Cui" starring "Yin Zhi". 2010 "Revolutionaries are always young", starring "Qu Wen". 2011 "The Founders", starred as "Shen Lin". 2012 "Unknown Origin", starring "Hi". 2012 "Out of the Smoke", starring "Xu Song". 2013 "Drums of War", starring as "Lv Xian". 2014 "Company of Swords, Class of Choppers", starring "Zhao Chuan". 2015 "Family of Youth", starring "Diao Sanshun". 2016 movie "Steel Sword" starring "Lu Ban". 2017 Movie "Third-rate Actor" starring "Gangzi". 2018 movie "Qingguzi" starring "Liu Quanzhi" 2019 "The Great Farmer", starring "Wang Shoutian". 2020 "The Moon is Bright in the Hometown" starring "Liu Shuiqing". 2021: The Age of Awakening, starring Gao Yihan. 2022 Movie "Eight Hundred Miners Go to Jinggang" starring "Dong Nanxuan". 2023 "Spring of Maigaiti", starring Fang Wei.
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  • Runtime:
    19 minutes 57 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 18, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    300,000 CNY
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    Digital Format,MP4
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Director Biography - Wang Lau

Personnel of the Artistic Creators Center of China Film Group.
Actor in the Actor's Theater of Beijing Film Studio, China.
Member of China Film Associations.

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Director Statement

The action takes place in a typical Chinese town. “Son”, the main character, does not value the time he spends with his parents. Until one day, his father is killed in a car accident, and his mother is gravely injured and becomes a vegetable patient. A year had gone by, but the mother's therapy had not been improved. Medical bills and financial stress from being fired from work have driven him to the brink of bankruptcy.
The overall spirit of the film is twofold: The first is that the son wishes to raise his parents, but they are unwilling to wait for him, urging people to cherish and devote themselves to their parents and elders while they are still living. The other spiritual component is expressed in a word: hope. We must keep on going and striving to live, even if fate is unkind! Because there is still hope.
The drama's conclusion, which has been building up throughout the entire plot, focuses on a song that the main character composed with all his heart. This is a very specific focus and feature of this film's artistic expression. Although the playwright's "son" served as inspiration for this song, it transcends his existence. It is filled with people's desire and expectation for affection, genuine love, and all wonderful things, but it is also functionally loaded with the dramatic reversal that eventually transforms the fate of the dramatist, completing the vital task of generating the dramatic climax of the entire story. So, this song is not optional, but the entire movie's biological logic of the main structure is. It is the most essential portion that serves to boost the drama's conclusion.
The other authors and I spent a month before and after the film, overturning several drafts of the lyrics and music program and investing enormous effort to eventually complete the production of the theme song.
Because of the length of a shortfilm, it is unusual for one to spend its creative energy on writing its lyrical theme tune. This is what distinguishes this shortfilm from all others.