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The night of Ulaanbaatar

“The night of Ulaanbaatar” is a personal hand-drawn artistic Animated Music Video with a strong painting style. The author was born in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and grown up in Hohhot. It’s a little bit awkward that he is a Mongolian but he can’t speak Mongol. There are modern skyscrapers in daily life and there is also boundless grassland. In the scene of skyscraper, you will see herdsman riding horses on the highway. On the boundless grassland, you will also see modern LED screen. These mixtures represent what Inner Mongolia look like right now. It’s modern and traditional. Just like the author himself, a Mongolian but can’t speak Mongol, advocating Mongolian spirits but not sure what it is on earth. This will bring the audience many interesting consideration. Where are we living on earth? Many scenes in the film will be shown by the painting process in order to bring the audience stronger drawing feeling. The moving brushstrokes and seemed shaking frames is the most touching part of the film. “The night of Ulaanbaatar” is an animation combined with nationalism, western customs, fantastic elements and human landscapes. Author makes up the whole work with scattered and unnarrative structure. Those fragmentary scenes make up a tremendous narrative ambition. Finally, the overall visual memory constructs the impression of the whole Mongolia.

  • Li-Xiaohua
  • Song-Haijun
  • Li-Xiaohua
  • Song-Haijun
  • Li-Xiaohua
  • Song-Haijun
  • Project Title (Original Language):
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Music Video, Short, Television
  • Runtime:
    5 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 1, 2021
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  • Language:
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Li-Xiaohua, Song-Haijun

Li Xiaohua
1978 Born in Huhhot, Inner Mongolian, China
1999 Graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University
2007 Graduated from Kassel Culture College, Germany
Now Lives and works in Huhhot, China

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 "Decoration",Arrow factory,Beijing,China
2011 "+Follow",Museum of Contemporary Art,Shanghai,China
2010 "Get it louder" ,Beijing Sanlitun SOHO,Beijing,Shanghai 2010 "800show",Shanghai,China
2010 "Teachers Exhibition", Shanghai institute of Visual Art,Shanghai, China
2010 "As we talk about art, what we talking about?" Bizart ,Shanghai,China
2010 "010 Blue, Zhu,Ye and Li,Xiaohua's Exhibition",Yongkang Lu Art,Shanghai,China
2010 "Stage of meditation", MianMian Art House,Shanghai,China
2009 "Post 24, Animation Show", 1933 Art Park ,Shanghai, China
2009 "Discount stores", M50 Space, Shanghai, China
2009 "Teachers Exhibition", Shanghai institute of Visual Art,Shanghai, China
2008 "The Absurd Truth", Tushanwan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2008 "Virtual City-Art Biennale", Yuangong Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2008 "We Are The World", Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China
2007 "Examen Exposition", Kassel, Germany
2007 "Bulgarian International Film Festival", Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 "International Youth Film Festival", Frankfurt, Germany

Song Haijun (Associate Professor)
1978 Born in Bameng, Inner Mongolian, China
1998 Graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University
2009 Graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University with a master's degree
Now Lives and works in Huhhot, China

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020 "Restart" Art Exhibition, Design Institute of Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Inner Mongolia, China
2018 "Endless" Art Exhibition, Yitai Gallery, Inner Mongolia, China
2010 "Artist Group Exhibition", Langlang Gallery,Beijing, China
2008 "Inner Mongolia Artists' Works Exhibition", Inner Mongolia,China
2004 "Four Artists Exhibition" , Millennium Time Gallery, Beijing, China

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