Turning Point

Akintunde Barnabas is a successful businessman whose next goal is his political career. He has always wanted to run for governor of Fountain State, and he believes that that would be his foundation to be president one day. He is lucky to get the endorsement of the popular godfather of the state, Alhaji Suara, and with the support of his wife, Loretta, his daughter, Ranti, and son, Iremide, he is able to win the governorship seat for Fountain State. But soon after, all the promises made by Akintunde Barnabas are not fulfilled, and the people get angry as his term has just brought hunger and poverty to the land.
Iremide, his son, a successful tech entrepreneur and foundation owner in America, whose life has always been modeled by giving back to his people, is not happy that his father is making the lives of the people hard. He comes back home to try and convince his father not to run for a second term because their family name is being tarnished. Barnabas laughs at his son's naivety and tells him he will still run. This shows the strained relationship between both father and children. Ranti, his daughter, also feels that her father wouldn’t give her a position in his company because she is a woman; her father tells her the only thing she is good for is to marry a rich man who would make their legacy stronger.
It is later revealed that Iremide was invited down to Nigeria by a rival party, YAP, who felt that he could persuade his father not to run a second time. Michael, the group's leader, drives him around Fountain State to show him how depleted the roads, schools, and people's lives are. Iremide is taken aback by the amount of suffering he witnesses and decides to join the new party and run for governor. The shocker is when he discovers that his father's commissioner for health is the actual head of the party; he sees the man's vision for Fountain State and decides to be their governorship candidate.
This comes as a shock to everyone, including his family, talk show host, and political activist Zainab, who thinks that this is a ploy by Akintunde Barnabas to get the people to vote him in again..
Iremide manages to convince Zainab on why he wants to run for governor and the changes he can make. At first, she doesn’t believe him and starts to watch him, but later, through his commitment to the community, she starts to believe him. A father and son go head-to-head in their campaign to convince voters why they should elect them as governor.
Meanwhile, Akintunde’s godfather, Alhaji Suara, isn’t happy with the fact that Iremide is leading in the polls and asks Akintunde to do something—find something damaging about his son that can pollute the people’s image of him. Akintunde's lover, Dora, encourages him to do what it takes to win, telling him that he is doing his son a favor by not allowing him to dirty his hands in the waters of politics.
Akintunde anonimously reveals an age-old secret that the Barnabas family carries: Iremide and Ranti’s mother died because an eight-year-old Iremide killed her by pushing her down the stairs. Zainab gets her hands on this news and rushes to tell Iremide before it breaks. This leads to a huge physical fight between father and son that makes the news.
The YAP party has no choice but to tell Iremide to withdraw from the race as this news is doing damage to the party. Iremide is defeated and agrees to quit. Social media is awash with opposing opinions, with few in his favor. The godfather is happy; Barnabas is uncomfortable. Loretta finally gets fed up with Akintunde’s attempts to discredit his son and has a serious fight with him. She mentions how she has stayed with him through it all—his abuse, his affairs—but this is the lowest point for her; she leaves the marriage.
Loretta and Ranti go to Iremide’s place to find him packing to leave; they convince him to stay and say he cannot abandon the people who look up to him. His resolve straightens, and he gives a speech addressing the issues and telling people he won’t step down. People are overwhelmingly supportive of him calling out his father on social media once more.
The campaign between both parties becomes intense; Iremide is winning, and his father and godfather are worried. Alhaji Suara tells his father to do something about his son to make sure he is qualified for the race; Barnabas knows what that means.
On a market day when Iremide is having his final campaign before the elections in the market square, gunmen shoot into the crowd, hitting several people, including Iremide and his campaign team. Will Iremide survive? Will Akintunde Barnabas become governor? Will the people of the State ever get good governance?

  • Adeoluwa Owu
  • Oyiza Kokori
    Yewande Famakin
  • Akinola Isaac Fowowe
  • Segun Arinze
    Key Cast
    "Alhaji Suara"
  • AKin Lewis
    Key Cast
    "Akintunde Barnabas"
  • Tina Mba
    Key Cast
    "Lorretta Barnabas"
  • Juliana Oloyede
    Key Cast
  • Damilare kuku
    Key Cast
  • Efya Iwara
    Key Cast
  • Linda Osifo
    Key Cast
  • Olayiwola Fowowe
    Key Cast
  • Gabriel Afolaya
    Key Cast
  • Ademola Amoo
    Key Cast
    "Iremide's friend"
  • Ayodeji Olakunle Fowowe
    Key Cast
    "Engr Olatunji"
  • Yewande Famakin
    Key Cast
    "Iremide's mum"
  • FEMI Orimolade
    Key Cast
    "Opeyemi Dada"
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 40 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    February 25, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    105,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    Afrikaans, English
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Adeoluwa Owu

Adeoluwa Owu (Director)
Cited in The Nigerian Box Office Yearbook by Film One as one of the Top 5 Notable Directors of
Photography in the Nigerian Box Office for years 2020 and 2021, Adeoluwa Owu, otherwise known as
Captain Degzy, is a highly trained and certified filmmaker in Cinematography from PEFTI Film Institute,
one of the top Film Institutes in Nigeria.
He is a prolific TV/Film Director and Director of Photography with an eye for original story telling and
has worked with remarkable production houses, producers, and agencies both in Nigeria and
internationally. His film, The Griot, won the Oronto Douglas Award for Best Nigerian Film at the African
International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in 2021. Adeoluwa has worked with global brands like, CNN Paths
Unknown (Anthony Bourdain), Beyonce’s Black is King album, and the BBC.
His other works include, Distractions, Director (First directed film, 2017), Gaslight, Director (2019),
This Lady Called Life, DoP (2020), Camouflage, Director (2020), Ex with Benefits, Director (2020),
Quam’s Money, DoP (2020), Introducing the Kujus, DoP (2020), , Boss Lady, Director (2020), Kambili,
DoP (2020), My Village People, DoP (2020), Global Citizen Live (2021), Far From Home, DoP (Netflix
Original Series, 2021), The Griot, Director (2021), Battle on Buka Street, DoP (2022), What No One
Knows, Director (2022, Post-Production), Adire, Director(A FilmOne First Original, 2022, PostProduction) amongst others.
Adeoluwa prides himself in his passion to his craft and the ability to capture and bring the best out of
anyone who finds themselves either in front of his camera or being directed by him. As a result, he’s
won several notable awards, including but not limited to:
• Special Jury Award for Blind Date at the 2021 Golden Leaf International Film Festival
• ADCF Award 2021 for The Griot
• Best International Short Film at the 2021 Uruvatti International Film Festival for Blind Date
• Best Nigerian Feature Film for The Griot at the AFRIFF Globe Awards
• Best Feature Film for The Griot at the Pan African Youths Film and Arts Festival 2021
• Best International Short Film for Blind Date at the 2021 Indo-Singapore International Film

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