Silent Disco Intro&Ending

Intro and Ending story telling writing and acting for several "Silent Disco" sessions.

"Tribu Silent Disco" is a free dancing cooperative project, born during the COVID pandemic. The community weekly gathers people in several meeting spots around Catalonia, the Balearic islands and other places in Spain and even around the world.

Each person brings their own music player with earphones, and presses play after a regressive countdown to a free DJ session created just for them, to dance all together, in apparent silence, at the previouly designated public spaces.

  • Patricil Complex
  • Patricil Complex
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    July 3, 2020
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Artist Biography


Interdisciplinar, perspicaz y autodidacta, uno de mis motores es retratar la naturaleza humana desde el Costumbrismo, el Intimismo y el Posthumor.

Así pues, mi trabajo responde a la necesidad de identificar y hacer explícitas situaciones o actos cotidianos, íntimos y privados; en los que pequeñas miserias, ternuras y pateticismos reflejan nuestra vulnerabilidad desde un lugar a menudo inconsciente.


Interdisciplinary, perceptive and self-taught, one of my driving forces is to portray human nature from a Costumbrist, Intimist and Post-ironic point of view.

Therefore, my work responds to the need to identify and make explicit intimate and private everyday situations; where small miseries, tenderness and pathetic expressions reflect our vulnerability and take place in an often unconscious way.

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