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To Claude:

Arnie is a 17 year old who is constantly in his head. He navigates his last year of high school with unexpected changes in his life writing letters to a good friend along the way.

  • Alyssa Janae Minor
    A Friend (currently in Post Production)
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    Short Script
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    United States
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  • Riverside County Teen Poet Laureate
    Riverside County, CA
    Finalist and Publication of Poem
  • Best Script Award london
    May 3, 2023
    Best Short Script - Official Selection
Writer Biography - Alyssa Janae Minor

Alyssa Janae was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. She moved to Los Angeles at 9 years old and decided to go to boarding arts school to focus on theatre and creative writing with a focus on writing for tv when she was 13. Now, Alyssa attends New York University where she is majoring in Cinema Studies. On the side, Alyssa enjoys acting and can be seen in Dhar Mann, the Discovery Family channel, and more. She has worked on various student films as a writer and as a Production Assistant for commercials. She aspires to be a Show-Runner and work in a writer's room. As a black female writer, Alyssa hopes to be apart of the change when it comes to seeing black female writers in the writer's room.

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Writer Statement

"To Claude:" is an important piece to me. During High School, I was a bit of a loner and didn't really have friends until my senior year. I had constant dialogue in my head because I was always thinking. My best friend from my freshman to junior year were the never-ending thoughts in my head.
Coming into adulthood, I saw how important personal connections were at the age of 17. I tried to imagine navigating this transition, from 17 to 18 without anyone. During this time I had also lost two family members. I wanted to incorporate this feeling of loss and regret and intertwine it with the idea of coming of age in some sort of capacity. I came up with "To Claude:" a story about a teen boy, Arnie, who is dealing with loss and his transition into adulthood. This is all told through letter's displaying Arnie's inner-dialogue.