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Thousands Of Years Ahead 5.9 Airycraft 1 Seven Vegan Food Recipes Cannes Edit

Thousands Of Years Ahead 5.9
Airycraft 1
Seven Vegan Food Recipes
Cannes Edit

Book 1

This has just been loaded up to PCloud in real time

Somebody has been hit by an "All Out Strike Plan Alpha Bravo Delta"

This is the Temporal Cold War in which I'll elaborate on this as reports come through in this chapter

11:52 Sat 8th April 2023

It maybe The Police it maybe somebody at PCloud it maybe Aliens which ever there are other online storage facilities such as Onecloud for example

If this Film is good enough for Google Drive and my YouTube Channel then it's good enough for a different Storage aswell

Thousands Of Years Ahead 7
Vegan Food Recipes

I live, I breath I eat and the "Highlight to my day now is" Cooking " thanks to the" Police" and their Satanic/Lucifarean Hexing, Cursing and they trying to make me look dead interplanetary after their "Ritualistic Attack last November I survived so I must be Immortal something they didn't count on and even their Freemason Police Commissioners can't believe they are too far gone in their Arse to imagine immortality in a" Suspect"

To The Freemason Police Commissioners Of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales
From :
Do You Remember The Night Of 2080 by Peter Solar-Angel

(((((Do you remember the night of 20 81 )))))
((((( We Remember and we did not know what we were doing …..we did not know what we understand….and we really tried to kill all these people of this Land ))))))
((((( Do you remember what happened the night before on New Years Eve 2080 )))))
((((( Yes we were up in a big Mushroom Cloud and we didn’t know what we were doing there then we realized we tried to kill the Father of all creation and that Father of all creation is you
Peter Solar Angel )))))
((((( Quite Right……Recalibrate the Fusion Blast of 20 80 Store and Activate……..
Calvanise ,Carbonate, Implosion….They will never be here in existence again…. Store and Activate ))))))
(((((( Nitrogen Cartoid Nitrate…Nitrogen Carbonate…..Recalvanise times
100 Thousand Trillion Times 7…Store and Activate )))))))
................................... ............................. ...... ............................. ...... ..........


In as far as Blacklisting, you may aswell try and Blacklist “The Gap Band” who gives a shit we all love their songs especially “ Outstanding”
So much for your Blacklisting Cop!!!

Chapter 1

Vegan Food Recipes Dish 1 ( Main Course). & Dish 2 (Snack) or Add Chips, Potatoes and Pease for Main Course) by Peter Solar_Angel

For 1 or 2 Persons
Boil 1 Pot of Boiled Rice
Slice Vegetables:
1, Onion
2, 3 Chillies or Half a Scotch Bonnet
3, 3 Slices of Garlic
4, Slice a knob of Ginger
5, Add quarter of Teaspoon of Salt to Taste
6, Add Black Ground Pepper to Taste
7, Add Thai Seasoning to Taste
8, Add Oregano to Taste
9, Add Demure Sugar or White Sugar to Taste
10, Add Puree + Tomatoes Ketchup to Taste
11, Add Sunflower Oil
12, Add a few Drops of Water
Stir Fry in a Pot, a Pan or a Wok for 10- 15 mins

Slice one Quarter or one half a Cucumber
Slice Quarter of an Onion
Place in a separate Dish Add Balsamic Vinegar, Oil and Water
Sprinkle some Salt or Sugar, Black Pepper and Oregano over the side Dish


By Peter Solar-Angel

Vegan Food Recipes Dish 2(Snack)

For 1 or 2 Persons

1 Pack of Buns Toast in a Toaster
1 Box of Spicey Bean Burgers defrost

Slice Quarter or Half an Onion
Slice 1 Chillie
Slice 2 Garlic Slices
Slice small knob of Ginger

Place in a Pot, Pan or Wok
Add Sunflower Oil or Nutmeg Oil or Almond Oil
Add a pinch of Salt
Add a Sprinkle of Black Pepper
Add a Sprinkle of Oregano
Add a few Sqeezes of Tomatoes Puree

Fry mix in Sunflower Oil place Bean Burgers on Top and Fry together turn Bean Burgers around

Serve with Toasted Buns
Add Ketchup to Taste

Dish 3
For 1 or 2 Persons
Pour Fuseli into a pot with a lid add water and boil Fuseli with a touch of salt and drop of
sunflower oil for 8- 10 mins till soft or semi-soft

Defrost and slice up one Vegan Bean Burger place in a pot, pan or wok

Slice half an onion,
Slice 1 Chilly
Slice 1 piece of garlic
Slice a knob of Ginger
Add a handful of Slices cherry tomatoes

Add pinch of salt
Add Sprinkle of course black or ground black pepper
Add Sprinkle of oregano
Add Sprinkle of ground cloves
Add Puree to taste
Add tomatoes Ketchup to taste

Mix together minced vegan bean burger and sliced vegetables
Fry for 5-8 mins in pot, pan or wok

Drain water off Boiled Fuseli and mix Fuseli in with the stir fried mixture or serve Fuseli on 1 or 2 plates and add stir fried mixture on top of fusilli

Buon appetito

Dish 4
Vegan Food Recipes
Rice and Peas ( Jamaican Style)
This one-a-come to me from Angels scene! and dem-a-Rasta Angels, Jamaican Rasta Angels so here me now.

Tirst you put enough Rice in a Di Dutch Pot and fill it up enough for one or two or tree persons aya. and pour some salt in your hand a bit more than you put with the Rice in other Dishes cause this is for Rice and Peas (Jamaican Style)
Mix it up with your hand in the Dutch Pot and mix it in good.
Next you grab a dish and fill it with a lickkle bit o water but not too much water just enough to soak the Rice then you add powdered Cloves and Sprinkle it in the water in a- di- dish till the water go a dark colour.
Now mix that in wid di Rice and leave it on the side for one hour, let it settle scene….!!!
Next open a whole tin of Pease an pour it in to a dish and let it sit there on the side whilst you pre repair the vegetables that is similar to a side dish to go with the Rice.
Chop up half an onion and chop it up real small
Chop up 1 chilly
Chop up 1 slice of Garlic
Chop up a big knob of Ginger a bit more than what you normally would use then mix it all together in a Frying Pan or a Wok with a lickkle bit of Sun Flower Oil.
Add a lickkle bit o salt because you already put more salt in the Rice than other dishes so this time put less in the Vegetables for Rice and Peas
Sprinkle in some Ground Black Pepper or Course Black Pepper and give it all a stir
Add some Tomatoes Puree but not to much just a Touch to give it a slight Taste of Puree.
Leave it on the side a go away for an hour and watch TV or listen to some Reggae music or Soul n Funk Jazz Funk and soon come.
After you return…. and the Rice has Sat there for an hour fill more water into the Rice so the water level is just above the top of the Rice,
Add some of the peas but not all just a handful the rest you mix in later…
then put the Pot on the Stove and switch the stove on or light the stove.
Now go away again for a few minutes and smoke a spliff if you smoke, an if you don't smoke it's alright just find something to do with yourself while the Rice is heating up.
Come back before the Rice is all fluffed up and mix the rest of the peas in with it and give it a good stir and then fry the vegetables that you prepared earlier.
When the Rice and Pease is done serve it on one or two or tree Plates and when the vegetables is fried put them in a dish and sit it next to the Plate of Rice and Pease on the Table so it's like a side Dish.
Keep the juice from the tin of Pease in a Dish and also put that on the Table and pour that on top of the Rice to taste.
Make Sure You have a bottle of Jamaican Hot Sauce, Salt and Black Pepper on Di Table and that's all you need.
Enjoy your food and don't forget to drop by again some time you her..!!!

Rasta Fari.

By Peter Solar_Angel

Dish 5

Hospital Food

Apart from the water in Bottles and Orange juice served in a container, enough for three mouthfuls the odd Banana or Orange upon request, The Vegetarian food main course was "Nurse Ali's Menstruation cycle" served with a bowl of Plastic tasting Rice well it may aswell have been the way it tasted and bread with ordinary Butter.
If I asked for Vegan Butter with no milk in it they looked at me as if I was from Mars.

So luckily for Deliveroo and when the Motorbike Deliveroo Rider managed to find his way, I ordered Chinese Food, Thai Food, Indian Food, even Burger King (Vege Burger and Chips anything other than "Blan British Boring Tasteless Hospital food"
That's suppose to help you recover.....??? I even spiced it up with Supermarket Deliveries of Chillys and Salads and Sauces

See Google Search and type in King's College Hospital Food, better still get admitted yourself and test it for yourself

Any suggestions and Tips from me personally
No comment, they fixed my Hip.... and didn't completely Labotomise me, just took some Brain Tissue
Oh and the Three fractures in my leg and my cracked ribs have heald and my right thumb and fore finger are no longer numb from PC, Hills Handcuffs...
Aswell as the Hip Operation being a success


Thousands Of Years Ahead 7
Vegan Food Recipes

Chapter 2

Another dreary day the highlight food of today was Rice and Peas again, hardly got any money so it makes it taste that much more real as though the dish was put together way back in Jamaican Antiquety when there was nothing in the cuboard or the fridge accept Rice and Peas and that filled you up.

((((( There saying "He can't cook to save his life look at him in his 1990's Boots))))

((((( What...?)))))

((((( It's alright they're talking about the other Peter Solar_Angel, they think there is a younger one)))))

((((Here we go again.... this is going on Dailey now..... When I was that age and had those photos taken in my 3O's and
Recorded those songs "I Got To Know" and "California" I could also cook then anyway...... I've been able to cook since I was a kid.... It's just Vegetarian Cooking since 2011 and Vegan Cooking since mid 2013, Im tired of explaining this... over these Airwaves Naomi, and you idiots at " Epic "
Angel Micheal Himself is pissed off with you all...)))))

If you and these clowns are going to make it so obvious that you are all trying to kill me off, I'm going to come after Sugar Rainbow with a Machine Gun and fill her skinny ass butt cheeks with machine gun bullets.....

Now get this shit off the Internet... Bitch...

Curtesy of Lola written by Songwriters: Barry Manilow / Bruce H. Sussman / Jack A. Feldman

Last verse Adaptation for Sugar Rainbow

Her name is Lola, she was a Hooker
But that was thirty years ago, when they used to have a show
Now it's a disco, but not for Lola
Still in dress she used to wear
Faded feathers in her hair
She sits there so refined, and drinks herself half-blind
She lost her youth and she lost her Peter Solar_Angel
Now she's lost her mind
At the copa (co) Copacabana (Copacabana)
The hottest spot north of Havana (here)
At the copa (co) Copacabana
Music and passion were always in fashion
At the copa don't fall in love

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