«The Magic of Cinema» Film Festival is an extraordinary celebration that brings together people who share a love for heartfelt and touching stories that can only be found in the cinema. Here they really find themselves and feel the joy of watching films.
It is a place where people come together to share common passions and interests, to find inspiration, to see life in a different perspective. During the festival, viewers will see films on big screens that will make them laugh, cry and experience a lot of emotions. But the main thing that will make this festival truly touching is the ability of cinema to appeal directly to the human soul and make it respond to various lofty ideas and emotions.
People come to the festival not just for the sake of watching, but to bathe in the air that is created for a whole week around the idea that there is still a place in the world for what makes a person human - this is a fragile thread that unites everyone who forgets that first of all we speak a language that includes all our hidden passions and dreams. «The Magic of Cinema» Film Festival is a place where dreams come true, where every story becomes a part of you, where cinema is treated as an art.

Best Short Film
Best Director Short Film
Best Feature Film
Best Director Feature Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Director Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Director Short Documentary
Best Experimental Film
Best Director Experimental Film
Best Inspirational Film
Best Director Inspirational Film
Best Animation
Best Director Animation
Best Original Screenplay
Best Feature Script
Best Short Script
Best Author
Best Web/Tv Series
Best Pilot Series
Best Music Video
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Original Song
Best Sound Design

We accept all genres, nationalities and languages for all international categories.
The works can be presented in more than one category and will be considered separately for each of the presented categories. All works submitted in several categories will be eligible for recognition in each of them and will be evaluated accordingly.
You are allowed to have several applications and submit the same or different films in several categories. Each category is charged its own fee.
Please check the recommended length:
Short films up to 45 minutes, full-length films up to 240 minutes.
In the case of network events available to participants who have applied for participation in the official selection: the dates of all events will be set by the festival. It is the responsibility of the artist/sender to make himself available by the set time and date.
Your FilmFreeway profile should include:
- your country;
- poster of your project;
- at least 5 lines about your project;
- biography of the director or artist.
If some element is missing or not ready yet: let us know.
The festival does NOT cover the costs of travel and accommodation.
When you receive the first platform update as a selected application, it means that you are selected and you receive an official award. The selection does not provide for showing in each case.
Selected talents will receive an email with a link to the Laurel Center and all information about the festival.
If you are not selected, your movie status will be updated on FilmFreeway, and the platform will send an automatic notification on time.
The dates we have indicated are expected dates.
Dates may vary depending on local regulations in Barcelona, as well as availability of seats.

Overall Rating
  • Frank Scott

    I am honored that my Short Script "A Dream Come True" was an Award Winner at The Magic of Cinema. This was a fabulous experience and highly recommend this festival to all aspiring writers.

    September 2023
  • Mimi Garrard

    We are honored to be a part of your fine festival.

    Mimi Garrard

    September 2023
  • Carlos Antonio Leon

    Thank you so much for selecting us and awarding us!
    Best regards.

    September 2023
  • John Sullivan

    The co-stars & fellow bandmates of Sullyman The Third are very grateful to THE MAGIC OF CINEMA for being considered for the Best Short Documentary in our second music comedy short film A NOTE ABOUT GREED and hope to be in Barcelona in 2024! -- Sully, George, Steve & Gregg from the U.S.A.

    September 2023
  • MG Cinecraft LLC

    I didn't even get my laurels :(

    July 2023