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The Shop Around the Corner (Series)

Series Logline: The quirky owner of a small flower shop fantasizes about a more adventurous life, despite her tendency to hide amidst the day-to-day demands of her business. Unbeknownst to her, the shop is a paranormal portal that links the spirits of past patrons to present day, leveraging its current tenant to relay messages to the living. Meanwhile, a mysterious regular customer shines a light on her longing for family, unlocking a glimpse into her future.⁣

Pilot Logline: When a mysterious customer poses an unusual request, the owner of an eerie old flower shop must comply to unleash the adventurous life she's longed for.

Series Premise: A half-hour long, romantic fantasy TV series set in present day, anchored around a small, historic flower shop. Sophie, the quirky and inquisitive 30-something owner, is longing for family and the writing career she abandoned when she inherited the shop from her late grandmother – her only living relative. She also dreams of a more stimulating life, despite hiding amidst the day-to-day demands of her business. Her brash and cheeky best friend, Hannah, is a little older, therefore protective of Sophie. The shop has a few regulars; Alex, a dashing 40-something sophisticate whom Sophie takes a shining to, and Frances, a 6-year-old firecracker who comes in for filler flowers.

The shop itself seems quaint and low-key, hidden away on a quiet side street amidst old growth trees and heritage homes. Yet, it’s 19th century façade has absorbed decades of history, bearing witness to love and loss, family and infidelity, scandal and even murder. This rich history has created a paranormal portal, inviting patrons of the past to communicate with the living, but only its current tenant has the power to communicate with these spirits and this capability only exists within the confines of the shop.

While patrons step inside to pick up a fresh bouquet of blooms, spirits who frequented the shop in years past (which had many incarnations, e.g. a grocery store known to bootleg during prohibition) are unearthed from the ether to relay a message, make amends or relive a moment in time. This mystical link to the past assembles into a series of storylines that transport us back through the ages to some of the most storied moments in history.

Exploring themes of longing and regret, forgiveness and hope, season one culminates in Sophie’s realization of the power her shop bestows. Subsequent seasons examine how this realization weaves into Sophie’s own story and how visibility into other people’s heart ache and missed opportunities influence the way she chooses to live her own life.

  • Heather Magee
    The Shop Around the Corner (Film)
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    Television Script
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    Romance, Fantasy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Heather Magee

Heather Magee is a Canadian independent filmmaker originally from Vancouver, British Columbia and now based in Venice, California. She is a writer, producer and director known for The Shop Around the Corner (2019), a film born from her award-winning script.

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Writer Statement

The journey to creating "The Shop Around the Corner" began as a screenplay, which originated as a gift for a friend. But when I sat down to write it, the story took on a life of its own and has since won several screenwriting awards. That warm reception gave me the guts to go ahead and shoot the film, a short I produced, directed, casted and self-funded. After seeing my project come to life, I realized there’s more to this story; an opportunity to develop some really interesting women characters while addressing current topics in a new and unusual way. From there, I developed the series treatment and pilot, using the short film for visual reference, and hope to develop the story further for television or on-demand streaming services.