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The Secret of Ahriman

Mark is a young college student who wants to buy his first car. He is not a very experienced driver yet, but nevertheless he wants to buy a fast used sports car. While visiting a dealership, Mark sees a mysterious blue Mazda 6 car, that flashes its headlights apparently only at him. It seems that the car is asking for help. The owner of the car is a dealership mechanic, an evil and savage man.
Mark becomes obsessed with the idea of getting this car. He tries to buy it or even steal it, but it doesn’t work out. Finally, Mark recalls a word “Ahuramazda” that he accidentally overheard from the dealership mechanic. Ahuramazda is a name of a powerful ancient god and, by a strange coincidence, it’s also a name of a Mazda service center in Mark’s city. Mark finds out that the strange owner of this business is god Ahuramazda himself. He lives in this modern city only to find an evil god Ahriman, his ancient rival, who hides from him. Mark understands that the dealership mechanic is Ahriman.
Mark gets the blue Mazda car with the help of Ahuramazda. Later Mark finds out that the car is a bewitched beautiful girl Veronica who had been a helper of Ahuramazda for a few years and was bewitched by Ahriman. Mark falls in love with her. But the lovers have to turn Veronica back into the car because Ahriman is after them.
Mark must do his best, driving Mazda, and use the great performance of this car when Ahriman chases them to kill them after he turned himself into a horrible anthropomorphic vehicle…

  • Pavel Yakunin
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    United States
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Writer - Pavel Yakunin