The Royalists

When the Torcnan Kingdom is invaded by the nation of Mellarus, Princess Sasha narrowly escapes her assassination. With her parents slaughtered and the deadly Duke Tybalt hunting her across the kingdom, Sasha's only protection is the Knight Danica, Nara the Priestess, and Tarin, a young refugee.

But Duke Tybalt and the Mellarun invasion aren't the only challenges the four must overcome on their journey. With her parents dead, Sasha needs to grow into the queen her kingdom needs. Danica is forced to confront her feelings for Nara, who is faced with the mystery of her own incredible abilities. And all of their fates could depend on whether Tarin chooses to remain with his new companions or to seek revenge on Tybalt and the forces of Mellarus.

  • David Spain
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  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
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    United Kingdom
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Writer - David Spain