The Room for Healing

The Room for Healing is a late-in-life coming-of-age, buddy melodrama inspired by actual events. Set in 1980, a Lebanese widow discovers her late husband’s affair. It triggers a journey of sexual self-realization as she falls down the rabbit hole of BDSM when she rents a room to a former pinup who has been missing from the public eye since 1959. Her new roommate is a self-proclaimed sex therapist whose dark past catches up with them both. Think Caramel meets Black Swan.

  • Michele Drake Haddad
    Shifty Business, May Day, Stroking Midnight
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Writer Biography - Michele Drake Haddad

From Hefner’s Playboy mansion in the early 80s to an Abu Dhabi Royal’s mansion in 2010, Michele has garnered a wide range of experiences on both sides of the camera and stage. Not immune to life’s conflicts, Michele has been gifted with the opportunity to work among a diverse group of budding content creators and seasoned industry professionals around the globe and is currently setting her sights on writing and creating havoc for fictional character’s lives in the television, film, and streaming mediums.
Michele has a penchant for Psychological drama, elevated horror, and thriller hybrids genres as they readily feed off her personal life experiences.

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Writer Statement

I have always been a massive fan of melodrama, preferring to watch conflicts on the screen and avoiding them in my personal life.
Ha-ha! The best-laid plans for mice and men. So, when I jumped out of the frying pan of the “born-again” Christian movement and stapled my navel into Playboy Magazine, the pigeons were set loose, and the games began. This was back in the late seventies, after the sexual revolution.
Fast forward to the late 2000s when I discovered my third and final mother-in-law, a Catholic middle eastern immigrant was stabbed by her Southern Baptist roommate who also donned the pages of Playboy magazine decades earlier: Bettie Page.
That's right, my mother-in-law and Bettie Page were two lonely women who had come together in late mid-life to share a home and their love for Jesus. The Room for Healing is inspired by this true story.