The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico

As the New York City summer of 1929 gives way to autumn, socialite and poet Rose is unhappily married to a mobster lawyer and suffering from early-onset arthritis. Her friend Alice, a recently-widowed mother of three, languishes in her posh home with chronic fatigue. Rose’s doctor recommends a daring cure: a hot-springs treatment in Mexico. Together the women travel to the small town of Tehuacán...and hook up with two young beaus. The days are jolly—that is, right up until Día de los Muertos, when Rose’s jealous husband arrives out of the blue...

This charming romantic comedy examines the many things in life we don’t quite understand—such as enchantment, magic spells, and love of all kinds.

  • Mike Meier
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    Rom-Com, Romance, Comedy
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    United States
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  • "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico" won GOLD at the Summer 2020 Depth Of Field International Film Festival (DOFIFF).
    August 7, 2020
    Gold Award
  • "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico" is a Finalist for the Hollywood Gold Awards.
    Los Angeles, California
    July 1, 2020
  • "The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico" is a Finalist for New York Movie Awards.
    New York, New York
    July 1, 2020
Writer Biography - Mike Meier

Mike Meier grew up in a blue-collar housing project in Germany. On his own since his teens, he has lived in several different countries, including Argentina and Japan, and has worked jobs such as washing dishes, repairing bicycles, and painting homes. When he is not writing books or award-winning screenplays, you’ll find him playing Latin and Flamenco guitar in the Washington, DC area. He holds a Master’s Degree in political science, as well as a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws. -- Magic spells are in Mike Meier’s blood— his grandfather was the 1930s traveling magician and fortune-teller known as Wladi-Kami.

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