Private Project

The Long Goodbye

The day will eventually come, and I won’t remember myself anymore…
Chou,Shih-Ching is a senior radio broadcaster. On another side of her, she is a daughter who takes care of her aged mom who suffered from the Alzheimer's disease for years. Shi-Ching feels suffered and suffocated along with her mom’s progressively worsen disease. However, recently she easily forgets things and fails to recall what have happened. She feels she is no longer herself anymore. As her daily life sliding into chaos, her husband Liu, Kuang-Hsuan, who has disappeared for ages and her aggressive daughter suddenly come home, adding various and unpredictable factors into her life.
While Shih-Ching confirms her Alzheimer, she plans to get everything ready and settled before her memory fades away….

  • Ting, Chao-Hui
  • Shiau, Yi-Wei
  • Fan, Yun-Jie
  • Lin, Tsai-Shiuan
  • Ting, Chao-Hui
  • Lai, Chia-Jung
  • Li, Shiau-Mei
    Production Coordinator
  • Wang, Huai-Jung
    Performance Instructor
  • Gung, Wan-Shiang
    Assistant Director
  • Chen, Yi-Shin
    Script Supervisor
  • Lin, Jeng-Hau
    Production Manager
  • Lin, Jeng-Ming
    Executive Production Manager
  • Lin, Chih-Wei
    Production Assistant
  • Lin, Chih-Peng
  • Chou, Shian-Yan
    Focus Puller
  • Chen, Tian-tzu
    Camera Operator
  • Chen, Jin-Neng
    Camera Operator
  • Dami Production Company
    Camera Equipment
  • Liu, Li-Jen
  • Chen, You-Wei
  • Guo, Jian-Jang
  • Hao-Shin Production Company
    Light Equipment
  • Huang, Shiu-Wen
    Key Grip
  • Wu, Chi-Shiang
    Key Grip
  • Yung-Shiang Productions
    Key Grip
  • Lo, Wen-Ching
    Production Designer
  • Chen, Wan-Rung
    Set Dresser
  • Guo, Yu-Chi
    Set Dressing Assistant
  • Chen-Shin
    Production Executive
  • Lin, Wei-Jiun
    Production Executive Assistant
  • Chen, Jian-Wei
    Art Department Trainee
  • Li, Jia-Ling
    Makeup Artist
  • Dung, Yan-tzu
    Makeup Assistant
  • Li, Mai-Duo
    Costume Supervisor
  • Chen, Yi-Li
    Costume Assistant
  • Chen, Wei-Liang
    Location Audio Mixer
  • Jang, Chih-Jian
    Boom Operator
  • Li, Meng-Ting
    Still Photographer
  • Wu, Yuan-Jung
  • Liang, Yu-Han
  • Tzeng, Min-Ching
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    feature, alzheimer, family
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 25 minutes
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Ting, Chao-Hui

Ting, Chao-Hui was Born in 1982 in Taipei, Taiwan. His street dance club experience adds the rhythmic and dance element to his works.

Ting started his career in film industry as a production assistant in 2008. He began to direct music video and CM since 2013, and his first feature film Touch was awarded as Best Lighting Design in 2015 Golden Bell Awards.

Ting is currently working on experimental films and collaborating with video artists. In 2018, his experimental dance video ELEVATE B won the Award for Chinese Dance Filmmakers in Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival.

Past Work(s) Filmography
2019 The Long Goodbye, television film
2018 Lift, experimental dance film, Selection, Dance Film Festival Prague
2018 Fashion & dance lookback in 3mins, short film, Marie Claire Taiwan 25th Anniversary
2017 ELEVATE B, experimental dance film, Award for Chinese Dance Filmmakers, Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival
2015 Touch, television film, Best Lighting Design, 50th Golden Bell Awards

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Director Statement

I think there are several things in life that are difficult to overcome: one is being diagnosed with an unacceptable disease, another is stucking in an unsolvable family issue. Before filming, my understanding of Alzheimer's disease was merely from documentaries and movies. Not until I met Teacher Bai did I know a person with Alzheimer's, who also shares many of similarities with the heroine Chou, Shih-Ching. She is truly a blessing to this piece of work. Teacher Bai's positivity and volubility support the crew a lot and also encourage me greatly when I confront difficulties.

The Long Goodbye is my second feature film. As an extension of the concept of my previous work, I have invested my personal emotional memories and fondness for nostalgic things in the story. I think it is also the reason why I was fascinated with Shih-Ching's career as a radio broadcaster when I read the first version of script. Listening to radio plays an important role in my juvenile days. My mom always listened to radio when she cooked, and at the same time, I did my homework and waited for the meal at the dining table. Radio as a media form has been challenged along with the development of new media, therefore, when coming up with the setting, I had been looking forward to filming in a nostalgic radio studio. During the location scouting, when I saw the well-arranged vinyl records in the archive room, I know it was the place I'd been looking for.

If Shih-Ching encounter hardships, would she be professional and confident as usual? Would she still as talkative as being a broadcaster? How would she turn out to be? We adopt the narrative from the patient's point of view, use many close-ups to catch her facial expressions and add some abstract scenes to depict her mental state. Welcome to participate in this significant period of Chou,Shih-Ching's life.