The Final Days of Doggerland

It was the time that today we call the Neolithic…a time before the Egyptian pyramids, a time before Stonehenge. It was the time of the early migrations of the Yamnaya people, moving westward from the Pontic steppe, which stretched from what is now Bulgaria to Kazakhstan. What we now call Doggerland once connected the British Isles to continental Europe, but it was sinking into the North Sea. Little more remained than islands and sandbanks…yet there were persistent tales of firm land that lay beyond those waters.

Migrating to Northern Europe, young Oane and the women of her tribe are captured by a ruthless clan, for whom she is forced to surrender her knowledge of poisons to extend their power, all the while plotting her escape.

  • Mike Meier
    JoinWith.Me, The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico
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    Drama, Thriller, historic
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Mike Meier

Mike Meier grew up in a blue-collar housing project in Germany. On his own since his teens, he has lived in several different countries, including Argentina and Japan, and has worked jobs such as washing dishes, repairing bicycles, and painting homes. When he is not writing books or award-winning screenplays, you’ll find him playing Latin and Flamenco guitar in the Washington, DC area. He holds a Master’s Degree in political science, as well as a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws.

Magic spells are in Mike Meier’s blood— his grandfather was the 1930s traveling magician and fortune-teller known as Wladi-Kami.

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