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The Kingmaker of the Mughal Empire

The Kingmaker of The Mughal Empire*
by Avnish Rajvanshi

Background: Tyrannies and excesses committed on Hindus during the reign of Aurangzeb (A Mughal Emperor) are widely known and documented. Hindus were tortured, forced to pay Jazia** tax, not given any positions in the government and not allowed to ride elephants or horses. They were also forbidden to celebrate several Hindu festivals such as Holi and Diwali, and, quite often, their daughters were forcibly converted to Islam and married off to Muslims
Aurangzeb's death in year 1707 followed an uncertain period and seven Emperors were installed on the throne including Mohammed Shah Rangila in year 1720.
The timeline of the film is between 1707-1720 and focuses on Raja Ratan Chand, who worked with Syed Brothers (one brother was the Prime Minister and the other was the Army Chief). Raja Ratan Chand was the real brain behind the team of Kingmakers. He not only decided the fate of the Mughal Emperors but also restored the Indian pride by abolishing Jazia tax, providing government positions to Hindus and stopping mass killing of Sikhs. He rescued the daughter of King Ajit Singh of Jodhpur from the harem of Mughal Emperor and converted her back to Hinduism. This was perhaps the first reconversion of a Hindu from Islam.
Raja Ratan Chand was the most powerful person in the Mughal empire during 1712-1720, with absolute control over judiciary, revenue and civil affairs. Unfortunately, his story is still lying buried in the pages of history. Now time has come that a film is made on this great Indian and give a message to the world about his rise from a very small family, about the great heights he achieved in restoring the Hindu pride and about his vision to get rid of Mughal rule from India.
The Story: Starts with the King of Jodhpur, Ajit Singh. He starts rebuilding Hindu temples after the death of Aurangzeb in his region. When Farrukhsiyar, the new successor of the Mughal Empire comes to know about it, he sends his army to Jodhpur. Seeing the army of Mughals, Ajit Singh accepts his defeat and agrees to give huge penalty along with his daughter. Farrukhsiyar converts the Princess to Islam and takes her to his harem.
Raja Ratan Chand, after being made aware of the situation, vows to bring back the Princess from the harem of Farrukhsiyar. He also vows to restore the human rights of non-Muslims in India.
From here the story of Syed Brothers, empowerment of Raja Ratan Chand and making of seven Mughal Emperors starts. The genius of Raja Ratan Chand, his competence and valor is filmed here with beautiful dramatic depiction covering several incidents of the period. He takes total control over Syed Brothers and the Mughal empire. He becomes savior of Hindus. When the Mughal Emperor ordered killing of one hundred Sikhs per day after the assassination of Banda Bairagi, a Sikh commander and disciple of Guru Govind Singh, Raja Ratan Chand overrode the Emperor's orders and stopped killing of Sikhs.
This is a remarkable and untold story which has been ignored by the post independence historians of India. This is a story of an extraordinary person coming from a small village who single handedly changed the course of Mughal dynasty. This is a story of a real King Maker and real pride of India.
* Mughal Empire: between from 1526-1857 in India (corresponding to modern countries of India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Afghanistan) founded by Babar who came from Uzbekistan.

**Tax levied on the Non-Muslims, during the Mughal rule in India, who refused to convert to Islam.

@Title, Script and Synopsis Registered and copyright protected with Avnish Rajvanshi Productions, New Delhi, India

  • Irfan Jaami
  • Musharraf Alam Zauqui
  • Avnish Rajvanshi
  • Yuddvir Singh
    Key Cast
    “Raja Ratan Chand”
  • Pretty Aggarwwal
    Key Cast
    “Princess Indira Kanwar”
  • Ibrat Khan
    Key Cast
    “Maharaj Ajit Singh”
  • Abbas Haider
    Key Cast
    “Emperor Farrukhsiya”
  • Pooja Singh
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    35 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 11, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    50,000 USD
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director - Irfan Jaami