The Fairy Dream of Yeloli

The Fairy Dream of Yeloli is a series of Chinese-made 3D animation. It tells that the Queen named Mandora in the fairyland wants to rule the human world because the subsistence of fairyland and all fairies have been threatened due to the destruction of nature by human.

However, Fairy Evelyn has different point of view. She has confidence on human and believes that human is kind and will be willing to protect the environment. Therefore, she decide to bring Yeloli fairies to the human world. Sealing off the Yeloli gate to stop Mandora, Ms. Evelyn and all other fairies have been cursed by the Queen into dolls. Under the leadership of Evelyn, Yeloli fairies find their masters who truly love them to enter into Yeloli contract to bring their fairy power back. After that, all the fairies group together to fight against Mandora to protect human’s world.

Besides the main story, there are also several side stories, which show individual characters’ growth experience. With plot development, every character is completing and improving their own personalities and finally find another self from her own.

  • Jin Jin
  • Jin Jin
  • Jia Luo
  • Aihui Dong
    Film Festival Strategist
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    Animation, Television
  • Runtime:
    23 minutes
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    0 USD
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Director Biography - Jin Jin

Chief Director/Scriptwriter Jin Jin

She used to publish 4 poetry anthologies which are <Love the world>, <Poetry from Five Years old Child>,<Inspiration>,<The voice from heart> and also fantasy novel with 300 thousands of words named <Rebuild the door of hell>. And also other literature writings are all published over 100 different presses.
The art work of Ms Jin received several awards nationally and internationally, which have also been exhibited over 13 countries, such as USA, Spain, Italy, Japan and Germany.
Ms. Jin is the record-holder of Chinese Youngest Poet from Guinness World Records. She was also the literature writting in Gehua Creative Team to handling the lecture words for the Opening and Closing Ceremony in 2008 Olympic.
She was the compere in the program of Phoenix Reception Room in Phoenix New Media. Her another animation program called <Brave Dream Team> which acquired the award of Chinese Five in one program, Excellent animation award from SARFT and etc. This series of animation has been hot broadcasted over 20 TV channels.

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Director Statement

I was a doll lover from my childhood and collected nearly all kinds of dolls. I believe every girl will have different dolls when they are growing. Therefore I endow some implication on them, they are the dream carrier for girls. Base on this idea, we create this animation.

This animation tells kids are the future. People in this age are at the important initial stage that their values of world and life are forming. The animation does not tell children to do the big thing such as saving the world, but through protecting the environment to cherish the life. The purpose of positioning children as Yeloli warriors is to cultivate their consciousness of protecting environment from their childhood.