The Digits - The Secret is in the Numbers

A science fiction thriller about an acknowledged scientist, a statistician that
begins to lose his mind because he starts believing that reality is not what it seems to
be and as he sets off on a journey to discover the truth, his life gets more and more
complicated when he discovers that he just might be right. The coincidences that
happen to all of us some of the time just might be an indication that reality might not
be random but an artificial construct. On the other hand the main character could just
be going crazy and writing his journals as part of his therapy or is he? Our reality just
might be a program running on a computer like a simulation and there is no way you
could know about it or maybe the story provides a clue whether anything is real or not.

  • Vital Butinar
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    Sci-Fi, thriller
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Writer Biography - Vital Butinar

Even in early years Vital had a fondness for filmmaking when together with one of his friends who's father was a filmmaker himself got Vital interested in filmmaking when they made their first action packed film on a mutual friends birthday party. After that when Vital's father bought his first video camera Vital was immediately hooked on filmmaking and started trying to make films with his friends. But of course with the limited resources as children they were not able to produce any real films. After some years as Vital studied graphic design at university firstly discovered photography and later on filmmaking all reminded him how he wanted to be a filmmaker as a child. Unfortunately without access to any kind of filmmaking equipment his interest for filmmaking was kept at bay for another few years. Until while occupied with his other interest dancing, Vital got a chance to act in a commercial as a dancer. Being on a real filming set reminded him of how much he had wanted to be a filmmaker when he was younger and with help and encouragement from his partner he decided to get back into filmmaking. At first trying to get acquainted with the craft and learning as much as he could so he tried to find work as an extra on filming sets where he could observe the workings of a production and also reading books on filmmaking. After some time Vital decided that he had to start putting his theory into practice and together with his partner they decided to film their own dance video since they were both dancers and interested in filmmaking. Together they learned how to approach a project like that. Soon after completing his first project Vital was contacted by some friends who also wanted a dance video and after that things took of and together with his partner they formed Mirror 2 Mirror Productions. Recently Vital had directed and produced his first music video and had also finished writing a draft of his first screenplay for a movie that he had started production on with hopes that he will one day be able to create a featured film he is in production of a few music videos and a short film.

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