The Daughters Of Tutankhamun

In 1922 when the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered with over 5000 artefacts inside, one raised more questions than answers for the Egyptologists. Way at the back of the tomb in the so called treasury room guarded at the doorway by the elegant black jackal god, Anubis, behind him simply placed above some other treasures was a plain undecorated white box. But this box contained something that was more precious to the Pharaoh than any piece of gold could be. There were 2 small sarcophagi. Each containing 2 mummified babies.

Tut and his wife Ankhesenamun had a deep love, evident from the images we see of them together. These 2 siblings that had only each other to lean on for emotional support. They tried to continue their family line, resulting in the divesting outcome of 2 still born children.

But what about these 2 children of Tut and Ankhe? Dr Sahar Saleem has studied them in-depth with unprecedented techniques to discover their secrets. And using these new techniques, we can reveal the faces of Tutankhamun’s children, for the first time!

  • Curtis Ryan Woodside
    Egyptian Secrets At The Vatican, Nefertiti's Daughters, Egypt Through The Ages, Fear Of Hue, Ancient Egyptian Family Feud
  • Curtis Ryan Woodside
    Key Cast
  • Dr. Sahar Saleem
    Key Cast
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    Documentary, Television, Web / New Media, Other
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    History, Ancient Egypt, Egyptology, Forensic
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    52 minutes
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    November 21, 2022
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Director Biography - Curtis Ryan Woodside

Curtis Ryan Woodside, film-maker & Egyptologist, 15 March 1995 in South Africa, relocated to Florence Italy 2021. To date has 32 Film Festivals, amassing 20 Million YouTube views. Aged 12 he had told Celine Dion his passion was film. She invited him to Las Vegas at age of 15 to create a documentary. In 2012 he produced Fear Of Hue narrated by Daniel Radcliffe. 2017 he visited Egypt & produced a documentary, after his visit he began to study Egyptology producing a 4 part series which was distributed by Amazon Prime. 2019, publishing a coffee table book with over 500 photographs that he captured in Egypt. In recent years he has produced several documentaries on Ancient Egypt. Creating these documentaries he has worked alongside esteemed Egyptologists such a Dr Zahi Hawass & Salima Ikram.

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