The BetaLoop

In Yuval David’s multi-award-winning sci-fi short The BetaLoop, the acclaimed filmmaker sets out to bring to life a unique tale that bends time and space with retro 80s moviemaking equipment to viewers – and succeeds triumphantly.

He directed the unique film, which he wrote and produced in collaboration with Connecticut FilmWorks. In the short film, a couple – one half of which is a collector of old AV equipment -- stumbles upon a decades-old BetaMax home video recorder from the mid-1980s.

As they soon discover, there is a BetaMax cassette tape still stuck inside, with mysterious footage of two young men from 1985.

The couple soon sets off on a journey hoping to solve the mystery of what happened to the two young men.

The BetaLoop took home a staggering five awards from The 48 Hour Film Project, New Haven, for Best Direction, Best Special FX, Best Sound Design, Best Film runner-up, and the 2018 Audience Choice Award.

The film follows on award-winning filmmaker Yuval David’s previous short House of Fury, which also took home the Audience Award from The 48 Hour Film Project, the year prior.

The BetaLoop also stars Kate Katcher, Don Striano, Billy Brannigan and David Legere.

The award-winning short can be found here:

Yuval is best known for his roles in HBO’s “The Plot Against America,” ABC’s “What Would You Do,” NBC’s “The Michael J Fox Show,” in addition to multiple TV series, films, and On- and Off-Broadway stage productions. Yuval also hosts, directs, produces, and writes award-winning original content, including short- and long-form documentary and feature content, and episodic web series.

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  • Yuval David
    Madam Secretary, What Would You Do, Michael J Fox Show, Beauty and the Beast, One Actor Short, Better World
  • Yuval David
    Madam Secretary, What Would You Do, Michael J Fox Show, Beauty and the Beast, One Actor Short, Better World
  • Kate Katcher
  • Yuval David
    Madam Secretary, What Would You Do, Michael J Fox Show, Beauty and the Beast, One Actor Short, Better World
  • David Distinti
    ABC's World News Tonight and 20/20
  • Kate Katcher
    Key Cast
  • Don Striano
    Key Cast
  • Billy Brannigan
    Key Cast
  • David Legere
    Key Cast
  • Yuval David
    Key Cast
  • David Distinti
    Director of Photography
    ABC's 20/20 and World News Tonight
  • Evan Olson
  • Teresa Pellicano
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Short, horror, thriller, sci-fi
  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 26 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 1, 2018
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • 48 Hour Film Project
    New Haven
    United States
Director Biography - Yuval David

“Artistic expression is vividly imaginative and ingenious when created and shared. The self- expression of the creative and genuine artist resonates with the collective consciousness. Art is a reflection of society. The artistic and creative representation of society is vital in the process of society moving forward, developing, and progressing.”

“And, ultimately, art is a vehicle for social change.”

“I focus on the narrative, the story I am telling. By embracing authentic truth, the boldness and vulnerability of the characters I play and the narratives I share all go hand-in-hand, in my
creative journey of being a storyteller.”

Yuval David describes this as he illustrates his own process.
Award-winning actor, host, and filmmaker Yuval David has become acclaimed for his work, including evocative and sometimes provocative performances on screen and stage. His art of storytelling through the perspective lenses of the characters involved in the stories he shares is compelling and captivating. He transports himself and his audiences along on the journey. Each role Yuval marvelously brings to life he treats as a masterclass in using art as a fundamental agent for social change. He skillfully conveys other perspectives as both unique and universal.

He is known for his creative vision, perceptive approach, transcendent performances, and his seemingly effortless ability to make people laugh and cry in the same moment.

Yuval profoundly experiences, feels, and observes life. He then translates it into captivating performances as an actor, filled with intriguing experimentation, imaginative expression, and genuine respect for the characters he represents.

Yuval has the courage to bring his personality and vulnerability to every role and uses that as a springboard to better develop his characters and dive deeply into them.
With dexterous talent, he has fun in his process, taking chances and making impactful choices. He has the ability to immediately
deliver, taking direction and seamlessly weaving it into his clever creativity. Persistence, tenacity, optimism, a good attitude, and love and passion for the craft of acting color his career. He enjoys the process, its challenges and always has solutions.

His profound dexterity to get to the soulfulness of each character’s humanity has landed him major series regular and guest starring roles in some of the most widely celebrated and talked about television series and films in recent years.

Dedicated to the art, the craft, and career of being an actor, Yuval has gained the respect of his peers for having optimistic fervor, being reliable and a joy to be around. Possessing the characteristics of leadership and teamwork, he is playfully collaborative, aiming to bring out the best in himself and others.

With expert versatility, Yuval David effortlessly oscillates between roles – changing personas, seamlessly shifting accents, and going from lovable lead to malicious miscreant on a dime – making him one of the most exceedingly busy working actors in film, TV, theatre, and voice overs today. Yuval has crisscrossed screens and roles, dazzling audiences with his bold portrayals of characters on hit shows like “Madam Secretary” and “The Michael J. Fox Show” to “Days of Our Lives” and ABC’s popular primetime series, “What Would You Do,” as well as countless feature and short films, and web series.

His appearances not only entertain with heart and pathos but explore the mosaic human experience. No role is squandered as Yuval always uses his robust public platform to engage his audience. He invites them to take an active role in improving
the world around them. He simultaneously empowers his audience and makes them feel deeply appreciated.

When he is not in front of a camera, or even behind it, he is brilliantly captivating audiences with daring theatrical performances On- and Off-Broadway, in theatres across the globe, and in theatre festivals.

His ability to speak multiple languages and do virtually all accents, has allowed him to extend his flexibility with the roles he takes on. As a voice actor, he regularly works on narration, animation, commercials, and promos.

Acting, for Yuval, is both a passion, a calling – and a massive vehicle for him to continuously move the needle on social good.

His mission to entertain, uplift, and inspire, has led him to host, narrate, create, produce, and direct engaging and thought provoking content. His work is seen across YouTube and a myriad of social media channels. He currently produces almost a dozen web-series, short films, documentaries, and regularly performs his one-person shows in theatres.

The charming, captivating, witty and funny powerhouse of energy is frequently invited to emcee and speak on behalf of countless cultural, humanitarian, philanthropic, social and political initiatives and institutions. This includes the Israeli Consulate in New York, most recently hosting Israel’s 70th Anniversary Celebration in Times Square, in front 30,000 live eventgoers and millions of viewers around the world. He has become a go-to host and narrator for short- and long-form video content and documentary features for Jewish, Israeli, LGBTQ, Arts, Cultural and Humanitarian Organizations and Initiatives, including The National LGBTQ Task Force, the Jewish National Fund (JNF USA), and Stand With Us.

As a social journalist and keynote speaker, sometimes this advocacy work takes on a more literal approach. He regularly travels across the United States and abroad, in recent years bringing him to the illustrious heights of Capitol Hill and to powerful major multinationals and nonprofit organizations. He often speaks about the significance of using art and creativity as a dynamic engine toward social good. Yuval empowers people to see themselves as advocates for their communities, uniting together to support their own communities and others, and seeing these efforts as equally important.

Yuval has a sensitivity and flair for inclusively interfacing with cast and crew, and equally with the audience and participants. He says, “I aim to create a safe space and a brave space, in which I can bring out the best in others and myself. This is a collaboration, unifying us all.”

In addition to “Madam Secretary,” “The Plot Against America,” and “What Would You Do?” Yuval’s on-screen credits also include “The Michael J Fox Show,” “Unforgettable,” and “Days of Our Lives;” leading and supporting roles in films such as “Incipient,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Nephilim,” “Awakening of Spring,” “You,” and “The Fifth Estate;” and lead roles in contemporary and classic theatrical works, including: Broadway in “The Game;” Off- Broadway in “Daddy Issues,” “Bunburry,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “In The Swing.”

As much as possible, Yuval enjoys performing in regional theatres across the United States and abroad. Yuval regularly does voice overs for animation, commercials, narration, documentaries,
and industrials. As a TV host, Yuval specializes in human interest, environmental, travel, food, culinary, and lifestyle shows. He is the host of multiple shows on television and online.

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Director Statement

Yuval David’s inherent gift for bringing extraordinary characters and complex narratives to life does not reside exclusively as an actor or host in front of the camera. As an acclaimed filmmaker, Yuval produces, directs, and writes films, episodic-series, and documentaries. He lives by his filmmaking mantra to consistently create compelling content.

From the first page of the script to the final post-production edit, Yuval is a masterful storyteller. He entrances audiences with his inimitable ability to entertain, uplift, and inspire across myriad fronts.

Throughout his process, he treats filmmaking as an intriguing experimentation in creatively sharing a story and a message. With his passionate fervor and imaginative style, he graciously collaborates with all of his casts and crews.

As the award-winning filmmaker behind films like “The BetaLoop” and “House of Fury,” his work has earned him a plethora of awards and recognition, including Audience Awards, and awards for ‘Best Director,’ ‘Best Special FX,’ and ‘Best Sound Design.’ His mountain of original content, including web series, short films, and documentaries continues to equally inspire, empower and move others. This is seen across his original content, whether it’s “One Actor Short,” which invites those who have never acted to be the stars of a short film; his ‘Better World’ series, which queries people on the street, asking them to share what they are doing to help improve the world around them; or ‘Pranks of Kindness,’ flipping the paradigm of performing pranks at someone else’s expense on its head by surprising people with feel-good pranks.

Yuval also creates content about environmental and societal issues, creatively exploring the documentary format and how to have social impact through an artistic film format.

For more on Yuval and his work: