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A highly sought-after weapons-maker is the target of global assassins after her weapons are used to wipe out the clandestine operations of an African warlord who seeks payback

Synopsis: The lines of force are on a collision course. In a sophisticated gun shop/warehouse, a young, Female Engineer designs and builds exotic weaponry for special projects. In Africa, a Strongman possesses an old, large key that, if inserted into the right lock, might produce a method to control the most powerful man in the world—the President of the United States. The Chinese are interested in the “device” and have initiated their own acquisition protocol. U.S. Intelligence begins its own investigation. Violence is the order of the day, as the device is stolen, leaving the Strongman no choice but to use violence to retrieve it. Violence begets violence as several Weapons Builders are destroyed in the hunt—until only the Female Engineer is left. The Female Engineer will not retreat or hide. After narrowly avoiding death, she targets the Strongman’s henchmen for extreme annihilation. When the Chinese arrive, the female engineer must imagine a new way to destroy the predators from the East, without getting herself killed in the process. In the end, the Female Engineer is left standing. She possesses the device and a burning desire to settle accounts with the Strongman.

  • Pamela Beach
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    Action Thriller, action, thriller, crime, suspense
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    United States
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  • Student Project:
  • 2020 Big Break Screenplay Competition

  • 2019 International Screenplay Competition

Writer Biography - Pamela Beach

Pamela Beach studied Creative Writing at Cuesta College and Allan Hancock College. Passionate about writing, she self-published several short stories and a few books on juicing. She has written several screenplays and pilot scripts and continues to write daily. While Pamela has written in various genres, she most at home writing Thriller/ Suspense, Thriller/Horror, and Crime Thrillers.

Pamela currently has three scripts under option, two films in pre-prod, and two others in development stages.

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Writer Statement

"The Engineer" is a high-octane, gripping adventure that will hook you in with its riveting action and will keep you engaged with its fantastic lead. Brilliant and assertive, Lexi is a compelling character who dominates her scenes and makes what could be a more routine story even more entertaining to watch. One refreshing thing the script does in crafting this dynamic lead is making it clear she is not invincible. Lexi can more than hold her own in any fight, but she is also vulnerable, and as a result, these brutal, fast-paced combat sequences have real stakes and consequences. Lexi also has an intriguing backstory, only gradually revealed, and conveyed in a moving monologue, that makes her all the more sympathetic. The global scale of the plot you will find impressive, and while Baldene is not the most compelling villain, you can see the potential for more adventures ahead.