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Suspended Fear

The short film is about a space freighter named "Nightstalker" captained by Jason O'Malley. Jason is trying to contact rescue control but the transmitter is malfunctioning and the onboard emergency AI assistant system called EVA is the only communication source. The ship was hit by a solar discharge which has affected all major systems, including the fusion drive which is damaged. The AI detects a loss in cabin pressure caused by a micro-meteor during the meteor shower. The earliest time for a rescue is expected in 1,6 years and the only way for Jason to survive is to induce suspended hibernation deep stasis. Which Jason is reluctant to do, since there is no other way to sustain his vital activities as the oxygen will be depleted soon and there is no time to waist and Jason has to get passed his fears of hibernation sleep in control of an AI system.

  • Vital Butinar
  • Vital Butinar
  • Leya Marinčič
  • Vital Butinar
  • Leya Marinčič
  • Vital Butinar
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    6 minutes 16 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 5, 2023
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Director Biography - Vital Butinar

As a versatile filmmaker, Vital can take on multiple roles such as director, producer, screenwriter, editor, and even actor on rare occasions. His passion for filmmaking began in childhood when he shot movies with friends on his father's Hi8 Sony camera. He then rediscovered his love for film when he auditioned as a dancer for a commercial and was drawn to the production process. With his partner's encouragement, they learned about filmmaking, creating their first cinematic dance video and attracting requests for similar projects. Inspired by this success, Vital and his partner began making short films with a new cinema camera, focusing on pre-production preparation, directing, and post-production. Vital also discovered his love for screenwriting and honed his skills by writing his first feature screenplay and then a few others. After successfully completing smaller projects like music videos and dance videos, Vital has shifted his focus towards narrative filmmaking, where he is in development of his first feature.

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Director Statement

This short film was imagined as a sort of experiment on many levels. How to write a scene and use AI to create different character personalities. How to use simple stuff to create a sci fi environment that would look good and convincing on camera. Everything was shot in the middle of a living room with a black tarp and a projector. Finally it meant as a kind of visual homage to films like 2001 Odyssey and other films from that era. Also it was a chance to try and create a neo noir color grade and feel. It started out as a camera experiment and became a short film.