Logline: As Margret hits rock bottom, only the fury of her beloved teddy bear, Mr. Gregory, can bring her back into the world of the sane.

Synopsis: An audacious exotic dancer at the top of her game, Margret -35- lives a seductive lifestyle laced with glamour and excitement. Reality takes hold as Margret's fading youth, addictions, and denial force her anxious and ill-tempered childhood teddy bear to awaken and take matters into his own paws.

"Stuffed!" is based on the short film "Grow the Fuck Up!", by the same writer.

  • Chris Donald Griffin
    "Mansion of Terror" (short film), "Grow the Fuck Up!" (short film), "A Match Made in Heaven" (short film), "Christmas Stuffing" (short film), "Those Hidden Amongst Us: Bar Tab" (short film), "There can be only One" (short film), "Pillow Fight" (short film).
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    dark comedy, comedy, fantasy
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  • Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, Fall 2020
    Austin, Texas
    September 13, 2020
    Nominated for “Best Dark Comedy Feature Length Screenplay”
  • Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, Fall 2020
    Austin, Texas
    September 13, 2020
    Nominated for “Best International Feature Length Screenplay”
  • Portland Comedy Film Festival, Fall 2020
    Portland, Oregon
    October 22, 2020
    Nominated for “Best International Feature Screenplay
Writer Biography - Chris Donald Griffin

Back in 2009 I created Angry Bear Film Productions as an entity to produce my films under.

Before anything, I started out performing improv comedy. My goofy imagination eventually branched off into writing, and then filmmaking.

I have written/directed/produced seven short films. I wrote eight feature screenplays, and I co-wrote two other feature screenplays.  In addition to this, I wrote three tv/streaming pilots.

Comedy has always been my niche, but I’m also a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. My feature screenplays range from dark comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. My screenplays range from ultra-low-budget to sci-fi epic. I write the kind of stories I enjoy watching on screen, and reading in books and graphic novels.

I’ve also been fortune to have worked with some amazing cast and crew over the years, many of which I worked with time and time again. I had some talented and fun writing partners as well.

I also have a background working in film and television as a Lamp Operator in the lighting department. I’m a member of IATSE 891 in Vancouver, and a member of IATSE 873 in Toronto.

Angry Bear Film Productions

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Writer Statement

"Stuffed!" began its journey with a little script, written for a cold reading event. This simple script was titled "Grow Up". It was five pages of dialog between a run-down 35-year-old woman, and her disgruntled teddy bear. The crowd ate it up.

A couple of years later, "Grow Up" was further revised and retitled "Grow the Fuck Up!". In 2009, the short film was shot. It both disturbed, and entertained.

The feature screenplay was a challenge. How could I preserve the spirit of the short film, but also expand on the world, and lives of Margret and her teddy bear, Mr. Gregory? It took many table reads, and many drafts, before that balance was struck. The result was surreal, crude, and painfully heartfelt. Don't take my word for it, give it read.