The Studio city

In the first room we can see an art studio . This scene is a synthesis of different workshops and flats that I have used during my life. For example we can see here glass jars with dry pigments. I use to make oil colors from dry pigmenst when I studied in the University of fine arts. In these years I have painted them many times, regarding them as a metaphore of the painting. I thought that to paint a kind of alchemy, we can transform the dead matter of dry pigments, oils and resins to a sublimate object of oil painting; and this particular object can reflects our most inner experiences, meditations.
In the Studio city animation the artistic workplace connects with modern urban scenes, my natural, daily enviroments, because I use many times to a starting point to contemplation and meditation these places.
My initial point was Budapest with its buildings In a broader sense, I also reflected on ideal or utopian city plans and theories.
In these pictures we can see the reflective surface of a portal or a window glass. It reflects a clear image of same mountain from variate point of view. It is not a very common sight in the urban enviroment. I have to confess that these are just imaginary spaces, because I use the reflection phenomena as an artisic and philosophical model, or a kind of analogy. The mountain is a metaphore of the motionless nature of the True, (the metaphysical reality) and the mutative and reflective nature of the mind.
So I would emphasize with this title that our real workroom is our consciousness.

  • Kondor Attila
  • Kondor Attila
  • Kondor Attila
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental
  • Runtime:
    21 minutes 27 seconds
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Kondor Attila


painter, animated film director

Born in 1974.
Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary
Degree: 2000. Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
Professor:András Baranyay


Inner library: https://filmfreeway.com/InnerLibrary056

The Paths of Attention project:

Splendor Solis I-II. 2014.

ONTOGENESIS - film 2014.

ONTOGENESIS - Video Installation 2015.

City from Above - Video Installation 2016.

Individual Exhibitions (Selection )
2019 Experiencing Freedom, Kunsthalle Budapest
2018 The paths of attention Archabbey of Pannonhalma
2017 Survey Tornyai Múzeum, Hódmezővásárhely
2017 The City of the Sun Resident Art Galéria, Budapest
2016 City from above B32 Galéria, Budapest
2015 Ontogenesis – Participation in being Kiscelli Templom, Fővárosi Képtár, Budapest
2015 The Modifications of Light Tornyai Múzeum, Hódmezővásárhely
2015 The paths of attention II. K. Petrys Galéria, A38Hajó Kiállító, Budapest
2014 Depicted time (Mátyási Péterrel) Molnár Ani Galéria, Budapest
2014 The paths of attention I. Óbudai Társaskör Galéria, Budapest
2012 The Art of Memory Budapest Galéria, Lajos utcai Kiállítóház
2011 Meditation Ari Kupsus Galéria, Budapest
Orientations Pepper Art Projects, Budapest
Being-in-the-word Újbuda Galéria, Budapest
2009 Coscience and being Bartók 32 Galéria, Budapest
2008 Giardini Ermetici, Olasz Intézet, Budapest
Orientations No. 1-2. M.C.P. Múzeum-kert és FKSE Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
Contemplation Görög Templom Kiállítótér, Vác
2007 Tradition Transmitter-Receiver – Inda Galéria, Budapest
2006 Parmenides-fragments – Huba Galéria, Budapest
2006 First glance – Szinyei Szalon, Budapest
2004 The gardens of contemplation Szinyei Szalon, Budapest

International references (Selection )

2018 View from V4 – Art Thema Gallery, Brüsszel 2016 The paths of Attention – SRSG, Rishikesh 2011 La Nuova Europa, Potenza 2008 Sulla strada Róma 2005 XI. Delhi Triennálé, Új-Delhi 1997-2000 Élesdi Művésztelep, Élesd

Collective Exhibitions (Selection )

2020 Garten Art Festival, Lovas
2020 Artonomy II. National Salon of Fine Arts, Kunsthalle Budapest
2019 Paradise City Art Capital Festival Szentendre
2017 Hommage Ferenczy Károly 1917-2017. „Régi Művésztelepi Galéria” Szentendre
2014 Free hand, MODEM, Debrecen
2013 Budapest Immersion, Új Budapest Galéria
2013 Lonely landscape, Déry Múzeum, Debrecen
2012 Portrait of a man Pepper Art Project, Budapest
Living Hungarian Painting Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest
2011 The New Europe – Giovani Artisti Ungheresi, Potenza, Italy
2010 Relationships Deák-Gyűjtemény, Székesfehérvár
2009 City-landscapes Molnár Ani Galéria, Budapest
Genius Loci, Művésztelepi Galéria, Szentendre
2008 Sulla strada – On the road Accademia d’Ungheria a Roma, Rome, Italy
New Renaissance Kaposvári Képtár, Kaposvár
Patronage Volksbank, Kogart Ház, Budapest
Kogart Contemporary Collection Kogart Ház, Budapest
2007 Time of Painting Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, Budapest
Light Volksbank Galéria (Istenhegyi u.), Budapest
2006 Beyond Time Szombathelyi Képtár
2005 Triennal of Delhi, New Delhi, India Új-Delhi, India


2018 Scolarship of Hungarian Academy of Art
2016 Tornyai-medal
2013 Béla Endre award
2013 Scolarship of “Újbuda Mecénás”
2007 Scolarship of Rome
2000 Béla Kondor award
1998 Barcsay award

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