Spooky Action

Time travelers kidnap a 1990s NASA scientist and loop him into the future in order to steal his anti-aging research. Meanwhile his wife suffers a sexual identity crisis and becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance.

  • Rod Bingaman
    Ripped!, Chasing Butterflies
  • Rod Bingaman
  • Maura Shea
  • Mandy Brown
    Key Cast
    "Amelia Earhart"
  • Ali Bill
    Key Cast
  • Hannah Seusy
    Key Cast
  • Doug Harris
    Key Cast
    "Rick Perwinkle"
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 43 minutes 17 seconds
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • International New York Film Festival
    United States
    Best Feature Under $250,000
Director Biography - Rod Bingaman

Rod and his wife Maura launched Ma & Pa Pictures in 1999 to produce work with alumni and students at Penn State Bellisario College of Communication. They’ve made five feature films in the last 20 years: A Holiday Affair (Audience Award, 2000 Brooklyn FF); Hooray for Mister Touchdown (2005, Goliath Arts/Access Media Group); Chasing Butterflies (2009, Anderson Media/Vanguard); Ripped! (2015, Monarch Films); and Spooky Action. They began their professional careers in Boston, MA, and share experience in directing, editing, sound design and cinematography.

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Director Statement

Spooky Action is a story about time.
Some things seem impervious to time, immutable, while others appear to either elongate or shorten it. In other words, time is a finite measure, but its relativity is philosophical.
That’s the inspiration for this project. Both love and faith are enduring qualities that share elements of reality and imagination. Each requires belief and devotion.
Our lives follow this unpredictable rhythm. As a parent, your child-raising time flies by.
The loss of a loved one causes you to pause and reflect. Time, then, is relative to emotion.
Our history also follows this rhythm. We are all time travelers of a sort. Think of what has transpired in your lifetime and what you have learned.
Regret is human. If you could view your life from a fresh perspective, what would you correct?

Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger (famously known for his cat) described quantum entanglement as: “Two interacting objects, observer and observed, woven into one.” Science cannot determine what lies underneath our observations. Entanglement may be responsible for keeping objective reality behind a veil in human experience.

The trouble with time is its relentless persistence.
The trouble with life is its resistance to time’s cold reality.
As Amelia says: “Destiny has a way of finding people.”
Quantum Entanglement asks: is this experience real or imagined?