Sorry, I Forgive You

The wedding ceremony of Xie Bing and her boyfriend Ning Zhiyuan is about to be held. Her birth mother returns to China to attend the wedding, but Xie Bing insists on admitting only Song Chunlian, her foster mother, as Mother at her wedding. Her decision makes the future mother-in-law Pan Ruxin and her own father Xie Xiaobo fall into troubles respectively. Accordingly, a lot of things happen. In the end, the sincerity of Xie Bing touches everyone and enables her foster mother Song Chunlian to be the official mother at the wedding as is wished. The birth mother and the little stepmother also put aside their prejudices and give her wedding instructions.

  • Xiaofeng Long
  • Aihui Dong
    Film Festival Strategist
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 27 minutes 8 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 1, 2021
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
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Director Biography - Xiaofeng Long

Long Xiaofeng
Director, Producer, Photographer .Born in 1977 . Studied at the Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy.
Producing works: 《Heart Words》,《Corner Beijing》, 《Angel's Smile》
Photography:《Xishi》, 《Dream Pursuit》, 《A Paper of Marriage》, 《Hidden Murderer》,  《Fog Town》
 Director:《Sorry, I Forgive You》(First Feature)

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Director Statement

The movie “Sorry, I Forgive You”Family affection always touches the softest place in everyone’s heart. The relationship between parents and children have always been an eternal topic. Parents are eager to give everything they have to their children within their ability range. They let children grow up in a carefree living environment, and give them more love as much as they can. When parents give up the family for their own ideals, the person most hurt is the child and the pain stays with them for a lifetime. How can the mother’s excuse exchange the 20 years of harm to the child? Through plain camera language, it shows that the estrangement between the returning mother and the daughter who is about to get married and hasn’t met for a long time. Facing family love, no matter how great the hatred, all will be put down. Every actor is earnestly expressing the inner activities of the characters in the play. Through the visual display of life, the audience can realize that the characters in the play may be our present or past. Through this play, the director wants the divorcing or divorced parents to give more care to their children, not only materially, but more importantly, psychologically. If each of us can treat everything in life with a tolerant and considerate heart, what lies ahead must be a harmonious, loving and open life path. We are grateful for all the encounters in life.