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Songs of love

A tale of love like never told before, India like never seen before, HAVI is in love with LORD KRISHNA, He is her reason to exist and Dance is her only passion and way of expression, This is the story of her impossible and infinite love, life seems perfect until Destiny unfolds it's mysterious plans for her , the eternal tug of war between reality and divinity, passion and compassion, faith and devotion, Human and Gods begins, the lines etched in stone begins to Blur...

  • amit jain
  • amit jain
  • amit jain
  • Samreen kaur
    Key Cast
    "Havi "
  • krishna chaturvedi
    Key Cast
  • Arpit chaudhery
    Key Cast
    "Parikshit "
    Yashoda, fastey fasaatey, kuch rang pyar ke aise bai, suspects,
  • Lopamudra raut
    Key Cast
    big boss
  • Akshath singh
    Key Cast
    "Mohan "
    India's got talent, Britain's got talent,
  • Sheeba chaddha
    Key Cast
    "Tulasi devi dasi (Mausiji)"
    tallish, rates, dil se, in Othello, meh, hey Prabhu, gullibly, zero, Mirzapur, badhaai ho, raid etc
  • Saadhika
    Key Cast
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    romance, drama, comedy
  • Runtime:
    3 hours 30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 28, 2019
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Director Biography - amit jain

'life has just started manifesting it's true self as what's an artist but a bundle of some dreams, thoughts and imagination glued together by passion and emotions, hereby sharing the first chapter in the form of SONGS OF LOVE will keep sharing as it takes shape'
Born and bought up in a Muzzafarnagar, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, the northern sate of India , Amit Jain fell in love with cinema quite early at the age of 9 and left for delhi after another 9 years with a dream and yearning to be a storyteller, to make movies and thus started an adventure that continues till today, he first arrived in Delhi and started assisting in documentaries and Tele-film also diving into theatre with some of the stalwarts like Habib Tanvir and Berry John along with a script writing workshop with Jaun Claude carriere before moving onto next destination ‘Mumbai’ the city of dreams for the filmmakers and actors ‘Bollywood’ but soon disillusioned with the existing norms of industry made his way to UCLA Community college for a certificate in film production but had to drop out in the very first weeks and rush back home, he continued his learning and refining his craft on journey to be a filmmaker and tell the world the stories he had inside, now After 25 years of self learning a story has taken birth into cinematic form and a new beautiful journey begins the one of self realisation and manifestation with his first film BAWRI / SONGS OF LOVE.

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Director Statement

In these turbulent times when the world is going through a challenging phase...the only solace and the Solution seems to go back to our true nature..the times of simplicity , innocence and tranquility..where humanity matters most and love Always comes first...The the most important and relevant message an artist can share with the world today is of peace..purity of heart and unconditional love...this film attempts to tap into that universal soul and touch peoples hearts, fill them with love and light..