Showing Around Lapland Mushroom

Experimental travel documentary about Lapland in the hottest peak summer months - nature, wildlife and mushroom searching . With the help of a native Finnish Lapland guide .
Some Romantic and comedy elements.

  • Richard howe
    Devils Orange
  • Richard m howe
    Dream Bubble
  • Richard howe
    Zombie Nympho Traffic wardens kiss
  • Valpuri Howe
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Short
  • Runtime:
    8 minutes 41 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 7, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    100 GBP
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Richard howe

My name is Richard Howe, I have lived in South Manchester for 22 years.
I have been diagnosed with dyslexia.
I have been writing and filmmaking since I attended Manchester Metropolitan University, studying under my tutor script writer Charlie Moritz. I have written and produced several short film projects.
I am a passionate scriptwriter, and filmmaker. My Comedy Drama film ‘Zombie Nympho. Traffic Wardens Kiss’ which I co-wrote and Directed was voted third best film by audience reaction at Filmed Up North West film festival in 2017 at Home Cinema, Manchester.
In 2020 my films received Honourable mentions and semi finalist in Porto Horror film festival

In 2017 i was invited to be on the jury of the Kino film Manchester International Short Film Festival. Since then I have continued to be on the festival committee.
i write and am social media coordinator executive on the social media accounts for the festival is rated in top ten best short film festivals in U.K.

i like to write about love, drama , social realism, mixed with elements of dreamy, twists, always there is an angle of comedy. i like to write about modern life what's fantastic and what's rubbish. what is hateful , and joyful. i like to be funny and educational.

"Moss side Stories" A film I developed and made this Community Documentary about poetry workshops for local school childrens and refugees titled "Moss side Stories" screened in Manchester Holden art Gallery. Funded by Manchester Metropolitan Unversity.

Researching and Writing Monthly Movie Features for Shrieking Violets Fanzine.
Music and Film Reviews, Pulp Magazine, Student direct.
N.W. FilmMakers Workshop Master Classes.
Script Works Workshops at Contact Theatre , Manchester and Oldham Theatre. V.T.C. on-line video editing course

I am a creative, imaginative, hard working, reliable, and skilled graduate with a variety of essential skills set. I have positive experiences and results with a variety of writing, social media, journalism and film making roles. Throughout my career I have been comfortable leading and directing teams, in film making projects and in managing contributors and taking sole responsibility. I am a multi- tasker, who is analytic and innovative. I demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines and even under pressure possess a strong ability to perform effectively.

I am an excellent communicator, and I have used my communication and learning skills to gain BA honours in Media Journalism and TV at the University. I use my written and visual communication skills in my volunteer role at the Kino Film Festival. I created the Social Media channels for the festival such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and I am creating continuous content for these channels to keep our followers updated for upcoming opportunities and events. I have also directed numerous film projects where communication to the production team is extremely crucial for the project. I have also edited numerous amounts of films, which demonstrates that I am able to be focused and work on my own for long periods of time.

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Director Statement

To tell a clear, flowing, education story in Lapland Summertime.

A lot of people may not know where Lapland is, but have a idea what it looks like in winter cold and Santa lives there . But don't know what it looks like in high summer. So I decided to explore this and document this magical place. Having visited the area in summer twice before. I felt that a good recee.

My documentary film Mixes travelogue with romance and comedy and art house Elements. The music is contemporary electronica music made by native Lapland musicians and producer's.

The films guide this is my wife. Valpuri is the most wonderful interesting , warm at times , funny , clear speaker. She is a brilliant talker so I thought who better to be a presenter and I am with her anyway and she has the knowledge. Everytime we visited her family we explore and she shows me all the magic specimens of Lapland nature.
I went to India in 1999, aged 19, before all Simon Reeves and everyone shows started and took take off . I was planning to make my pal Thom (now dead - Rip) Simon Reeves etc . With a bit of extra Buddhism .
Where I shot shot 9 hours of footage about underground free living hippy travelling community in Goa . They thought cute , and I was living free doing it . Unfortunately My DV tapes burnt in a house fire before I could edit the film
This Lapland film was a chance to work this style of filmmaking again .
I was interested to explore this filmmaking exercise.
On the road by Jack Kerouac is a famous travel /road book.
I thought could you film a Jack Kerouac book now and it be like lived?!.
Can you film the 'Beats '. With electronica the music of now, not Jazz which was the equivalent in the 1950-60's.
Their cool books and interesting but not the most fun to read , in terms of language.
This would be more romantic, relationship episode. How could you present this differently but had the same elements of truth,narrative first person voice , simply, frank commentary and imagery.

I have shot this type of thing before, but I thought I could benefit when making a semi improvised documentary as
I had visited the area before, similar to a recee.