Every facet of life is cinematic and I will be there to capture it.
Shahab Saeidi is a Toronto-based filmmaker with a background in engineering and management. While he currently holds a senior position in the field of engineering, his true passion lies in the world of film and music. With a lifelong interest in music and extensive experience as a guitarist and composer, Shahab brings a unique perspective to his filmmaking that is marked by a deep appreciation for dark and melancholic themes.
Growing up, Shahab was exposed to various genres of music, which eventually led him to develop a keen interest in playing the guitar. He has been playing the guitar for more than 15 years and has honed his skills in various styles ranging from rock and metal to blues and pop. Shahab is a composer who loves to experiment with different sounds and techniques, which is evident in the haunting and melancholic soundscapes in his films.
Despite having a full-time job, Shahab has always found time to pursue his creative interests. He started making short films in his spare time and soon realized that he had a passion for storytelling through the medium of film. Shahab's love for dark and melancholic themes is reflected in his films, which often delve into the complex emotions of human nature.
Shahab's debut short film, "Temple" explores the darker aspects of relationships, showcases Shahab's ability to create powerful and emotionally charged narratives.
As a filmmaker, Shahab is known for his attention to detail and his ability to create a powerful visual and emotional impact. His music background adds a unique dimension to his films, as he often creates original scores that complement and enhance the mood of his films. His films are a reflection of his creative vision and his desire to explore the human psyche through the medium of film.
In summary, Shahab Saeidi is a filmmaker who is not afraid to explore the darker aspects of the human experience. His passion for music and filmmaking has resulted in a unique style that combines haunting soundscapes with emotionally charged narratives. With each film, Shahab continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and establish himself as one of the most promising filmmakers in the industry.
McMaster University
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August 5, 1993
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Every facet of life is cinematic and I will be there to capture it.
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